Ďakujem, prosím!

‘Ďakujem’ in Slovak means ‘Thank you’. ‘Prosím’, also in Slovak, means ‘You are welcome’. I have chosen these two words as the title not solely because I am very grateful for my experiences while living in Bratislava and interning at LEAF Academy. I have also chosen them because they are the words I heard the most while there.

I had only a very short experience of life in Slovakia, but nonetheless an extremely memorable one. I would say there are a couple of reasons for this which I would like to share with you:

Firstly, the city I was based in, Bratislava, is a lovely one. It is a place that you most definitely want to visit in your lifetime. Always with the red buses running. The transportation system is pretty efficient and serves both those who like to be on time for work or stay out until early in the morning due to partying. The restaurants are great and diverse, from local to international cuisine. People in the streets are most of the time willing to give directions, help you find the right bus or even choose the right product at the shops.

Secondly, it is the institution in which I was interning, LEAF Academy. It is a boarding school that first opened its doors last year. Its focus is to develop future leaders for central Europe. Honestly, I do not know where to start in regards to the 101 reasons why I am in love with it but I will try to concisely outline at least three.


The department I interned with, Entrepreneur Leadership, is a department that does not have a book and conventional syllabus. The faculty are responsible for creating the content. A lot of learning and discussions happened which ended up having the students deliver awesome projects which were mostly human centered solutions.  Believe me or not, it is a great reason to have faith in the future and be a very anxious cheerleader to see what these students bring to the table in a couple of years.

Thirdly, the location is optimal for traveling. I was able to travel during the weekends to get to know other capital cities of central Europe. I went to Budapest, Vienna and Prague. It was a great experience and at very low cost and very efficient. The duration of the trips varied from four hours to one hour. It was very delightful to enjoy the astonishing architecture and awesome sightseeing as well as food and cozy bars around Central Europe.

Bruno travelling

I am still a bit sad that I had to leave. However, another part of me says it was amazing while it lasted and I can always come back for another round which I will do indeed. I would like to make it clear that the experiences here shared are unique and personal. Hence, this is how I chose to approach my experience while in Bratislava – Slovakia and Central Europe.

LEAF Academy, Bratislava and Central Europe, ‘Ďakujem’ for this fantastic opportunity.


Author: Bruno Sacatucua, Intern at LEAF Academy

Bruno had graduated from African Leadership Academy and he is currently studying at University of Rochester, New York.

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