Admission processAdmission process

LEAF Academy is possibly unlike any other educational institution you have encountered before. LEAF Academy will be a transformational experience that challenges you to maintain academic excellence, realize your leadership potential, and dig deep into your value systems.

Though you can apply to either the 4-year or 2-year program, the admission team will recommend the appropriate starting year based on individual circumstances of each student and family.

Applying for and attending LEAF Academy can be an important family decision, so we encourage you to continue reading, learn more, and contact us with any additional questions.

Application process

You can begin the admissions process by completing an online application. Applications to the LEAF Academy typically open in November and close in March. The application will ask for descriptions of your past achievements, activities, and your motivation for studying at LEAF Academy.

After the application deadline all applications will be reviewed by our admissions team and they will inform you if you are selected to continue on through the next steps: interviews and assessments. Interviews can be done in person but are typically conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts.

The assessments will be online and an opportunity for you to demonstrate your academic aptitude and personality (this is not tied to any specific academic class).

Admission process

If you believe there are serious reasons that we should consider your application outside of our admission period, send us an email with your CV and cover letter.


LEAF Academy’s Non-Discrimination Policy

The Academy makes its admissions decisions on merit and on a need-blind basis (applications are reviewed without knowledge of family finances). LEAF Academy does not discriminate on the basis of gender (identity or expression), race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity.

A Note Regarding English

There are no specific English language tests; however, the entire application process is conducted in English.  For Year One applicants, your willingness to learn and practice intensely may be more important than your current ability to speak or writing in English.

For Year Three applicants, willingness to learn is also important; however, you should be aware that you will be enrolling in AP level course and taking rigorous assessments in English at the end of each school year.


Each and every student at LEAF Academy is unique.  All students have areas in which they excel and areas that need more growth and practice.  The admissions team is not looking for “perfect” students; instead, we are searching for candidates that possess a variety of strengths, interests, and backgrounds.  

Our school is built on a number of foundational values and we are looking for students interested and dedicated to:


A holistic personality exceptional in one or two areas fueled by inner determination, curiosity, and resilience

Entrepreneurial leadership

A drive for improvement powered by high aspirations, initiative, risk taking, and inspiring others


Stemming from the belief in the worth of all individuals – a set of moral principles based on courage, respect, and humility

Civic engagement

An interest in improving your community or region with a global mindset –  based on gratitude, care for others, and local heart

English language

LEAF Academy is an international school, the language of instruction is English, and you must have a desire and willingness to develop your English fluency


LEAF Academy is interested in the motivation behind of your desires to be part of something new and how you imagine contributing to the success of this project