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How and when do I apply?

You can begin the admissions process by completing an online application. Applications to the LEAF Academy typically open in November and close in March. If you believe there are serious reasons that we should consider your application outside our admission period, send us an email with your CV and cover letter.

I’m worried my English isn’t good enough. What should I do?

Apply!  It never hurts to try.  The language of instruction at LEAF Academy is English, however, we do not expect everybody to speak or write perfect English in the beginning. If you do not feel confident providing all of the answers in English, feel free to write them in your mother tongue.

Who can apply for a scholarship and how?

LEAF Academy practices a need-blind admission which means that a candidate’s ability to pay the school fee plays no part in the admission decision; therefore, no applicant should be put off by the fees from applying to LEAF Academy.  There is no separate application to fill out for a scholarship.

Anyone is eligible to apply for a financial aid covering some part of the school fee. Once a student is accepted to LEAF Academy, s/he will be asked to provide further information about the family’s financial status in order to determine a volume of the scholarship. The final amount is individually negotiated with every family by the Admission Office. Read more.

Do I have to start in a grade that most closely follows my current school’s grade? Is it possible to skip or repeat a grade?

Based on your current circumstance, your country’s compulsory school requirements, and legal graduation requirements, we will work with each student to find the best place to begin your journey at LEAF Academy. If you are interested but unsure which year or program is the best fit for you, please apply and you can discuss your personal situation with the LEAF Academy Admission team. Read more.

What kind of diploma will I receive at the end of my study at LEAF Academy?

All students who complete two or four year programs earn a LEAF Academy diploma which is the equivalent of an American high school diploma. Students also pursue the AP International Diploma, globally recognized and accepted by universities in over 60 countries world-wide, including most leading universities in the ARWU Shanghai University rankings, such as Harvard, Cambridge, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. Students in the 4-year program at LEAF Academy have an option of pursuing the AP Capstone Diploma, a new innovative diploma based on university-expressed needs and requirements and the 21st century learning (P21) initiative.

Will I be able to take a national matriculation examination?

LEAF Academy allow students to prepare for national matriculation exams but cannot administer them. Students who wish to pursue a national high school matriculation certificate in addition to the LEAF Academy program should remain enrolled at their national contact point school for the duration of their study at LEAF Academy in order to take their national matriculation examination there. Read more.

What does the school fee include?

The fee covers tuition, accommodation, meals, transportation between dorms and school, books and other tuition related costs. Read more.

I am from Bratislava do I have to stay in a dormitory?

At LEAF Academy, we believe that living and learning in a boarding community will enhance students’ self-discovery by promoting independence and responsibility in a safe and controlled environment, thus students are expected to stay in a dormitory (including the students from Bratislava). Boarding will be individually discussed with every applicant. Read more

Will I be allowed to leave school premises?

Based on your Academy schedule, co-curricular activities, age, and permission from your family you may have permission to leave for particular times or outings.  Students have some free time for out of school activities on most days and weekends.  Staff also provide opportunities for excursions and various activities with small groups of students.

How often will I be able to go home?

At LEAF Academy, we believe it is important for you to stay connected both to your family and community, and students have regular opportunities to return home. This consists of weekend visits, long weekends (4-5 days) or longer holidays (1 week+). In a regular month, students are required to spend at least 1 weekend at home, 1 weekend at LEAF Academy and the remaining 2 weekends they can choose to stay or go home.  Read more.

What is the deadline for applications?

Application period started on November 12, 2016 and will be concluded on March 15, 2017Read more.

I am more of an introverted person, will I fit into LEAF Academy culture?

Both introverted and extroverted people have the potential to shape and impact the world.  You’ll quickly find there are many ways to feel comfortable in the LEAF Academy community. Read more.

What does a day at LEAF Academy look like?

Most days, begin with breakfast and a small bit of travel to arrive at the academic building, where academic classes typically start at 8:30.  Lunch can be spent together with friends, new classmates, and/or teachers.

Academic classes end at 15:30 and the afternoons are dedicated to various co-curricular activities including sports, clubs, community service, or social entrepreneurship projects. Some students also use this time to pursue personal interests that are particularly important to them (such as practicing a musical instrument or programming).  

After dinner at the residence hall, “prep-time” is dedicated for students to study and prepare for their classes.  The day ends with free-time, socializing, and relaxing a bit before evening check-in at 22:00.  

Weekends vary between “residential” dedicated to Saturday morning academics, “optional” where you can spending time with your friends on or off campus, and “home” where you’ll travel back to spend time with your family.  

Why is LEAF Academy a boarding school?

LEAF Academy values the learning that takes place both inside and outside the classroom. We believe that a boarding community enhance students’ self-discovery by promoting independence and responsibility in a safe and supportive environment. Living and learning together with students from diverse backgrounds and different countries promote the type of cultural understanding required for leaders in the 21st century.  Read more.