Why boardingWhy boarding

When you completely immerse yourself in a community by learning and living together, the overall experience is more meaningful than a typical school experience: your friendships become stronger, your understanding of others grows immensely, and the many petty arguments you have with your parents happen much less (which means they’ll be even happier to see you at home).


The boarding community at LEAF Academy is a special experience and I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. The community is: people bringing food to you when you’re sick, carrying your backpack when you cannot walk anymore during the hike, or leaving their schoolwork to talk to you in the middle of the night when you’re struggling. There are things that don’t work out, but in the end, we are a family. Not bound by blood but by our experiences.

Jasna Cifrová (17), student from Slovakia


At LEAF Academy, you will be guided along the way by both residential and non-residential staffulty (staff and teachers) who ensure that your time outside of the classroom is fun, safe and continues to promote self-development.  All of the time you spend with friends and staffulty outside of the classroom can really become the best part of a boarding school experience.


LEAF is about community and friendship, people that on first sight you never knew you will like and now they are part of your life. It’s about first experiences and maybe sometimes failing but at the same time knowing that there are people around who will always support you no matter what.  

Clara Youssef (17), student from Egypt


It is essential for leaders in the 21st century to develop cultural competency and interpersonal skills in addition to academic knowledge. Living and learning together with students from diverse backgrounds, different countries, and various cultures creates innumerable opportunities to grow as a student and a person.

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How often do I come home?

One of the biggest worries families have about boarding school is losing touch with each other.  Take a look at the picture below for a quick, easy overview of your weekends. 

Weekends at LEAF Academy