Critical thinking, problem solving, and inquiry are all essential components of our interdisciplinary and problem-based STEM program. Our Mathematics courses provide tools and skills for students to analyze, model, and understand the world in which we live.

Three typically separate science courses – biology, chemistry, and physics – are combined into one course that focuses on the interconnectedness of life.

Additionally, technology, computing skills, coding, and engineering are integrated throughout the STEM curricula to provide practical applications for problem solving.

STEM at LEAF Academy


The entrepreneurial leadership program is a unique and an integral part of the Academy. Throughout the program, you will develop your curiosity and sense for risk-taking through team-based challenges, simulations, and case studies.  

You will develop your interpersonal and leadership skills as you practice different ways you can positively impact your community; gain knowledge and cultivate your collaboration skills with external guests, organizations, and businesses; and develop resilience and an ability to persevere as you navigate the successes and failures of your attempts to run a for profit or non-profit venture.  

Our EL program is the only one of its kind in Central Europe!

Startup club at LEAF Academy


The Central European studies program is a multidisciplinary program that challenges students to contemplate the development, definition, and a connection to the idea of Central Europe. Critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to communicate your thoughts articulately are essential skills for any future career path.  

All classes are taught in English at LEAF Academy but additional courses in current affairs and literature will be offered in your native tongue, and you can pursue learning additional languages if you wish.  

Reading and writing will be strongly emphasized throughout the program as you study history, social sciences, art, media and music to gain a greater sense of ownership and understanding of particular parts of Europe and beyond.

Central European Studies at LEAF Academy


The Character Development program helps young leaders build their foundation of values and character strengths, which they can draw upon throughout their lives. Our goal is to help young leaders form their own personal missions through the intersection of their strengths, their passions, and the needs of the world around them, all of which are framed by their values.

Character Development underlies all academic and extracurricular pursuits at LEAF Academy. Students will work closely with a number of adults including their teachers, advisors, residential staffulty (staff and teachers) and coaches, all of whom will help them move through a process of self-discovery.

Self-Discovery Seminar (SDS)

LEAF Academy helps students increase their self-awareness as well as discover areas for practicing excellence: interests, strengths, motivation, drive, hopes, and values.

We guide our students in shaping their future educational and career path through in- and out-of-class experiences, learning by doing, feedback, and reflection.

Self-Discovery Seminar provides students with a safe space to reflect and explore themes connected to values, psychology, leadership, wellbeing, and everyday life-skills.

Advisory Program

At the beginning of your first year, you will be assigned an Advisory Family: a small group of peers with one staffulty member.  

Just as a regular home family, this group sticks together throughout your Academy experience and becomes a small, steady, safe group to relax, reflect, and relate. Your Advisor will be there to listen and help guide you through all aspects of academics, activities, and residential living.

They will be there for your successes and struggles, learn to know you holistically and serve as a point of contact with your parents. Our hope is this becomes your at-school-family, when you’re away from your home family.

Seminal Readings

In the hustle and bustle of Academy life, Seminal Readings is a sacred time when regular school stops and the whole community comes together to tackle important issues through challenging literature and thought-provoking films.

Seminal reading at LEAF Academy

All students and staffulty, together, tackle and discuss transcendental questions and dilemmas, while reflecting on values and making connections to our graduate profile.

The Seminal Reading experience instills a sense of purpose and common experience to the community; and provides a shared, unifying experience for all graduates and alumni.