Do you like the mission of LEAF Academy? Come and join us! Currently, we are looking for:



Main challenge:  teaching  humanities course in Czech language, combining current affairs, key pieces of literature and national history topics (2hrs/week each – could be via Skype) for native speakers of these two languages within the community of LEAF Academy students



Community Counselor

Main challenge: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help build a world-class innovative educational institution. LEAF Academy is looking for a psychologist to join our Wellness Team. You will play an integral role the continued development and implementation of a mission-aligned Well-Being program throughout all aspects of the school.



Innovative Educator English language and Social Sciences

Main challenge: This is an opportunity to help build a world-class innovative interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences curriculum that has a focus on Central Europe. LEAF Academy is looking for:

  • an AP Seminar educator who will contribute to our Humanities and Social Sciences Team
  • an experienced educator focused on Central European history with a particularly strong focus on teaching historical research and writing in English, experience with AP History classes a plus
  • an experienced English writing teacher who will take the lead on developing the Humanities and Social Sciences into a leading program for writing and critical thinking, experience with AP English Language classes a plus



Innovative STEM/Chemistry Educator

Main challenge: This is an opportunity to help build a world-class innovative and integrated science curriculum. LEAF Academy is looking for an experienced science educator who can teach AP Chemistry as well as introductory level Chemistry. Demonstrated ability to design innovative or interdisciplinary curriculum is also desired. The ability to teach other AP science or math courses is a bonus, as is a passion for Entrepreneurial Leadership.



Innovative Mathematics Educator

Main challenge: This is an opportunity to help build a world-class innovative and integrated mathematics and science curriculum. LEAF Academy is looking for an experienced math educator who can teach all levels of mathematics through Advanced Placement Calculus BC. The ability and desire to teach chemistry would be a bonus. A passion for Entrepreneurial leadership is also be welcome.



Teacher in Character Education

Main challenge: Join a dynamic team in building and delivering an innovative character education curriculum emphasizing self-discovery, wellbeing and ethics though a variety of weekly lessons, student centered activities and experiential and outdoor programs.



Education IT system integrator 

Main challenge: Implement a new education IT system to administer all key school operations, including attendance, academics, residential life, admission, finance/procurement, and many others. The current local IT system does not meet the increasing needs of growing Academy scale and complexity. The Academy team has identified likely IT system options, however needs to strengthen IT project implementation capacity to successfully implement the system, including potential tailoring to unique Academy needs. The select candidate will play a critical interface role between select IT system provider and system end-users, in particularly staffulty of LEAF Academy



LEAF Academy Finance & Accountant

Hlavná výzva: Komplexné spracovanie (podvojného) účtovníctva medzinárodnej internátnej školy LEAF Academy (občianskeho združenia)

Main challenge:  This is a hybrid role between finance management, budgeting, controlling and Slovak accounting. Individual elements of the role create a financial circle at Academy.


MORE Job opportunities at LEAF:

Data Analyst (Automation of our Talent Identification methodology)

Our main challenge is processing and screening hundreds of applications from talented individuals, which has become very time consuming and unsustainable. Your task will be to find or setup, develop and advance automatic system and processes for Talent Selection based on data analysis of our methodology.



Community Builder

Main challenge:  Build Community – transform hundreds of participants and Alumni of LEAF programs into a strong community of young professionals that help one another throughout their life & career journeys



Sourcing Innovator

Main challenge: co-create LEAF and LEAF Academy team by implementing innovative and proactive methods to source talented candidates & providing support for team members in sourcing and recruiting, implementing best practices from around the world



Payroll specialist

Hlavná výzva: komplexné spracovanie mzdovej agendy a participácia na zmluvnej agende organizácie LEAF a Akadémie LEAF