Our missionOur mission

Our mission

Contribute to developing young people with the potential to grow into shapers who will demonstrate:

  • Ethics: a set of moral principles based on moral courage, respect and humility – stemming from the belief that there is worth in all individuals.

  • Excellence: a holistic personality that is exceptional in one or two areas – fueled by inner drive, curiosity, and resilience.

  • Entrepreneurial leadership: a drive for improvement powered by high aspirations, initiative and risk taking, and inspiring others.

  • Civic engagement: a commitment to improve one’s community based on gratitude, care for others, and local heart, interest in the region, and a global mindset.

Regardless of their socio-economic background.

Our vision

Higher quality of life in Central Europe by virtue of the mindsets and behaviors of most leaders in business and public service.

Our founding beliefs

We believe:

  • Each individual is worthy of respect.

  • Even a relatively small number of people can positively change society.

  • Talented students need to be truly challenged in a community of their peers, in order to reach their full potential and become shapers of society.

  • Students must find an inner motivation for change, a dream for the world, in order to change the world.

  • Young people must have a set of core values that drive behavior and determine how and where they apply their skill, so that they can be agents of positive change.

  • Students are more likely to build their self-confidence and become effective leaders if they learn to adopt a positive approach to life.