Report on “Entrepreneurial Leadership for All” Symposium in Johannesburg

The symposium “Entrepreneurial Leadership for All” was held in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 18-19, 2017.

Organized by African Leadership Academy, a widely-recognized leader in entrepreneurial leadership education, this was the first ever symposium of schools that either already practice or are considering practicing this type of education: education that nurtures not just their minds but also the character and entrepreneurial and leadership spirit of students.

LEAF Academy was among the invited participants, and Chris Cheney as the Head of the Academy and me as the Head of the Department of Entrepreneurial Leadership, represented our school at the event.

EL for all symposium

How is LEAF Academy doing?

When I go to conferences and talk to people from other schools, I am always interested in learning how our Academy compares with other schools, whether in curriculum or the overall community experience. Based on the conversations Chris and I had at the symposium with people from diverse institutions from Cape Town to Philadelphia, LEAF Academy is in a good position.

For example, one of the ‘hot topics’ at the conference was an experiential term: one or more weeks when students spend their time learning away from the school. We are already working on implementing this idea as our Term 3.

In Term 3 which will last four weeks in May and June, our community will be learning through various experiences that range from work in research labs to internships to building structures in the backyard of the Academy.


In some areas we are in a position that allows us to be at the edge of innovation in high school education. One example is our partnerships with external organizations.

Every single student at the Academy has already experienced working on a real project with a real company. Our work with external partners is one area where we are gaining a lot of experience that we can build on and share with others.

Our commitment: Always getting better

In order to keep building a world-class educational institution we need and want to keep learning and working with others.

The symposium participants identified a number of important issues and opportunities in EL education in which we need to make more progress in the coming months and years, from improving the ways we assess the growth of our students to becoming a world-class leader in staffulty development.

As we work on addressing these issues, we appreciate your support in what we do.

Jaromír Sedlár
Head of Department of Entrepreneurial Leadership at LEAF Academy

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