Welcome to LEAF Academy Campus

As part of the last residential weekend we organized for our current students a visit to our future LEAF Academy premises. They had no idea what would follow… 🙂 We have prepared a short photo report of this sunny Saturday afternoon for you to feel the atmosphere of the day as well.

Inaugural visit of future LEAF Academy campus

Our students’ inaugural visit to the place where the history of LEAF Academy will be continued a couple of years from now. At the LEAF Academy residence students are divided into 4 smaller groups (Halls): Founders and Gentlemen (boys), Sprouts and Fortes (girls). The visit of future campus premises starts with the first Residential Hall Competition ever!


Students following the voice that will lead them to their next home, and towards the future 🙂


“Do you see the trees out there? This is where you will be living.” 😉


The LEAF Academy community, listening to instructions from the “Hall Monster” (The Head of Residential Life) for the first Residential Hall Competition.


“Founders aooo, Founders aooo.’’ The first male hall ever created at LEAF Academy sharing the brotherly hall spirit before the start of the competition.


Sprouts Hall, spreading their drive and enthusiasm through their smiles.


“I will save the egg,’’ they shout throughout the entire game. This is when we know they will take care of their community in the same way 🙂


“Fortes and Gentlemen” sister and brother hall sharing “the power”of their eggs.


Nice weather, fun, a great atmosphere. What more do we need? Oh, sure, a dodge ball game!


LEAF Academy students are always trying to catch opportunities.


Our students learning the importance of hall spirit, in order to create a stronger community during the hall competition.


“Let’s see who pulls stronger!” Our girls fighting stereotypes while sharing happiness.  


Food is also one of our values as a community 🙂


“From today I declare Founders and Sprouts, Gentleman and Fortes the first sister and brother halls of LEAF Academy.” – The Hall Monster


The winners of the first Residential Hall Competitions are: FORTES AND GENTLEMEN. This is how we concluded our first-ever Battle of the Halls at LEAF Academy, and laid the basis for our amazing future campus.


Our values are only true if we practice them. After competing, students got engaged in helping the village next to our future campus.


We love helping, but we also love posing for pictures 🙂


The word “tired” does not exist when community is everything. It was a long day, but satisfaction was achieved. On days like these all of us understand even more why one of our main pillars is community and why it is so valuable. The new campus will be a place for our community meetings and living together – we really can’t wait for it!

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