Want to get a sneak peek into our Open Day?

A school building full of visitors interested in meeting our students, learning about what and how we teach, or tasting a bit of our community spirit – that was last Saturday at LEAF Academy. Weren’t there?

No worries, you can experience it right here – or at least the little part of it that could be captured in photos. Multiply this 3 times and you get the real-life experience 🙂

Welcome here! Go through a quick registration and select the classes you want to visit. Wow, what a building… 🙂

Here is your welcome pack and program from our students. Now you are ready to go through the day!

Intro from the principal about what our school is all about – values, real-life learning, a community of like-minded students and teachers, and much more.

You are now at the Central European Studies class – history, languages, social and political sciences, literature, writing and rhetoric – it is all in one.

Another one is STEM – try to solve this quick assignment in Statistics and get to know our cool teacher Matúš.

Next is the Entrepreneurial Leadership class – get into teams of four and build the tallest freestanding tower from 20 sticks of spaghetti, string, tape and one marshmallow. You have 10 minutes.

In the meantime, your parents are talking to our EL (Entrepreneurial Leadership) teacher Jaro to learn more about our inventive curriculum.

And you manage to build that marshmallow tower 🙂 Congratulations!

And now try to slow down a bit and think about your strengths, your passions, your values, and how to combine them in an activity that can help the world around you.That’s a little taste of our Character Seminar.

Our students and how they see LEAF Academy from the inside – that is what you get to hear about next. Their school or outside-of-school projects, their motivation, their social life.

Any remaining questions from your side? Join us for the Q&A tables and get all the answers.

Thank you for your visit today 🙂

Did we get you interested too? Our application is already open and you can


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