Potluck is all about sharing!

Coming to LEAF Academy can sometimes be very tasty, literally, and potluck dinners are one of the best examples of this. Students join with their teachers and advisors to prepare a variety of delicious meals to contribute to a shared table of tasty dishes.

Students enjoy the opportunity to share favorite family recipes with the LEAF community and to learn more about the food- and cultures- of their friends. Sometimes they even choose to go “freestyle” and create new recipes as they are inspired during the process itself. 😊

„This year we put the emphasis on having as little waste as possible and also we tried to aim for finger food,“ writes Darina Mullender, teacher and organizer of this year’s Potluck event.

Enjoying the time together, talking and sharing food are just a few of the one The special features of our boarding school life. Learning at LEAF Academy is not only about sitting in the class and listening, but also about moments like these…

Together with my advisory family, we prepared a puff pastry snails and brownies. 😊 I’m happy that I could have brought the recipes from my home and share it with our LEAF Academy community. I hope that people enjoyed them.

 – Klara, Year 3 student

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