Is LEAF Academy the best fit for you?

Yep, the application deadline is closer and closer. In one of our previous articles we tried to help you with filling in the application. Now the game changes. If you can see yourself in the following few points, please DO NOT apply. That way, you will avoid disappointment.

PLEASE NOTE, the following article is meant to be read only with a sense of humour 🙂

1. You love your comfort zone

Real life can be anything but is not always a comfortable journey. So it is at LEAF Academy too. Do not apply if you are expecting an easy and theoretical education. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for real life in the 21st century. Sure, you need some theory first, that is why our students are attending AP courses too. If they choose to, they are ready also for studying at world-class universities not for real life only.


But they are challenged not just by entrepreneurial leadership classes teaching them to brainstorm, design, prototype and do a business or NGO project with support and help from our partners from actual companies or NGOs. They “learn by doing” a lot and must approach life with their eyes open for new opportunities.

2. Creativity is your enemy

Are you the kind of person who just loves to get a task, not think about it and just do it as you have been told? Then please do not apply. You will suffer at LA. Really.

We are looking for somebody who has a creative and innovative approach no matter what they do. For somebody who really thinks about things.


Whether creating an app or just helping somebody with organizing an event, you will encounter problems and need to figure out for yourself how to fix them. Sometimes the student even has to learn to recognize the problem first.

Noooo, have we not all heard the diehard “But I’m not a creative person”? EVERYBODY is creative to some extent. Discover it. Use it.

It is all about willingness to do things differently and try new approaches. It is about putting more into each task or homework activity than is necessary – to go the extra mile. If you do not want to overcome your own expectations and are just satisfied with an average “pass”, you will be suffering here.

NOTE, this is not about getting the best grades, it is about your attitude to whatever you are passionate about.

3. You hate failure and feedback

Are you angry with somebody who tells you what you have done wrong? Sure, you are doing everything to the best possible standard! Everybody makes mistakes. This is our daily bread if you are learning through DOING things. Only a person who does nothing never fails.

creativity at LA

So if you are not willing to accept failure and feedback and LEARN from it, you will have it hard not only at LA but also later in life. Good luck.

4. What will be MY benefit?

Sure, our school offers many benefits to students. Starting from the internationally accepted AP Diploma, scholarship program, world-class education, EL curriculum and many others. But if all of your world is made up of me, I or mine, this is probably not the best fit for you.

Nobody will treat you as the centre of the universe. Sorry. Sure, every student has an Advisor from the staffulty, who is something like your parent at LEAF Academy. So we have an individual approach, you will get a personal report from our teachers at the end of each term, we will let you know how you are doing. Sure, we will support and help you in order to develop your personal skills and passions.

But LEAF Academy is about team playing and community. WE is more than ME. We care about the others, we try to make somebody happy if he or she is sad. We BAKE birthday cakes for our schoolmates or colleagues. Even the teachers are your friends!

Why boarding

We support each other and think in this way: How can I contribute to help my peer to fulfil his/her dream? Community is in our case not just a fancy looking idea. We live it.

We still have not convinced you that LEAF Academy is not for you? You really wanna apply?

Really? We see. You´re persistent.

So, probably then, LEAF Academy would be the best fit for you!


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