Do you have a question? Ask our students!

Do you have questions about admission process, scholarships or application? Then get in touch with our Admission team at

But maybe you are more curious about daily life at LEAF Academy and don’t know who to ask. Then, ask our students! 
Lea, Olga, Karin and Stanley will gladly answer all your questions and share their experience with academics, co-curriculars or residential life. 



Lea is a Year 1 student. She loves art, band Twenty One Pilots, math and spontaneous decisions.

If you would like to get to know more about her experience send her an email:



Olga is a Year 2 student from Poland. She enjoys writing,  listening to music and watching TV series.  She is also into medicine.

You are welcome to ask her questions in English and in Polish to:




Karin comes from Slovakia, currently a Year 3 student. She is interested in psychology, sociology, and education. She likes to volunteer and together with her classmates she founded a civic association called Belasý kolibrík.

Get in touch and learn more about the LEAF Academy life. Write her an email:



Stanley is a Year 4 student in a 2-year diploma program. He is currently applying for Software Engineering in the UK. Besides that, his interest is cycling, graphic design, URBEX, and nature.

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