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Maybe you are curious about daily life at LEAF Academy and don’t know who to ask. Then, ask our students!

Ingrid, Matej and Emma will gladly answer your questions and share their experience with academics, co-curriculars or residential life.


Ingrid, current Year 3 student from Shanghai, China, is interested in media and communications. She firstly knew about LEAF Academy in an exchange, fell in love with the community and almost immediately decided to be part of the 2-year program. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, playing music, travelling, creating and appreciating arts. Although newly joined, she already participated in several school teams such as the assembly team and the residential committee. 

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Matej Adam is currently studying in Year 2. He is interested in languages, math, economics, politics as well as psychology and the environment. He likes to dance, travel, read books, and talk to people.

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Emma is a student from central Slovakia and this is her fourth year at LEAF Academy. Her passions include psychology, art history, criminology, and writing poetry. Feel free to reach out to her to ask about the 4-year program, residential life, extracurricular activities, or AP subjects.

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