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But maybe you are more curious about daily life at LEAF Academy and don’t know who to ask. Then, ask our students!

Dominika, Adam and Joachim will gladly answer your questions and share their experience with academics, co-curriculars or residential life.

Coming from Slovakia, Dominika has spent a significant time of her life abroad in France. As a current Y2 student, she is a part of the 4-year program. She is interested in fashion, design, analogue photography, and badminton. She likes reading books, spending time with her friends, and eating French food!

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Adam, current Year 3 student, is passionate about robotics and automotive industry. During his studies at LEAF Academy, he took part in many interesting projects with building robots or even an electric car.

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Joachim comes from Poland, currently a Year 4 Student. He is interested in economics, the environment, and event management. He likes seagulls, longboarding, and niche music.

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