How to fit all of you into an application

Are you applying to LEAF Academy? We know it is a big step for you and all of your family. We understand that while trying to fill in the best application ever, you might be under a bit of pressure.

That’s why we decided to make it much easier for you by giving you a few bits of advice on how to write a successful application. These are a few tips that might help you when applying.

Think first

Make sure you know exactly what you’ll need to submit. Always scroll through the application first and prepare your answers and appendices beforehand. This way you won’t be surprised by a missing document (e.g. a parental consent or so) an hour before the deadline.

Losing your answers because of a system bug or because “your session has expired” is everyone’s worst nightmare. Prevent this by having your answers ready in a text document and all the appendices gathered in a separate file on your computer. You can then simply copy your answers without stressing about losing them.

You can also save a draft of your application and finish it later. However, please note that the application system can save your session for 30 days only.

Last minute nightmare

Do not complete the application at the last minute. Prevent unnecessary stressful moments by allowing yourself enough time to fill it in and improve it. Most people do poorly when they don’t allow themselves enough time to meet a deadline, don’t let this be you.

Allow yourself time to think the difficult questions through. Some questions are perhaps more difficult than others or, at least, require a bit more time to assess properly. Questions about your past schools or competitions you took part in are surely easier to answer than more complex questions like “What are you most proud of?” or “Have you ever organized or initiated a project?” Prepare, draft your ideas in writing and give yourself enough time to answer. It will surely be better than the first thing that comes to your mind half an hour before the deadline 🙂 .


Let your true activities do the talking

Instead of describing yourself, focus your attention on activities that will do the talking for you. E.g. instead of “I’m a quick learner and a great team player.” say “I’ve learnt to ride a unicycle in 6 months and I spent 3 months fixing a playground with my fellow scouts outside our club room.”

Let your actions do the talking, be frank and tell more than you originally planned. Don’t be afraid to tell us about everything you do.

It is important to let the interviewers know that on top of the grades you have achieved at school, you also conduct crazy scientific experiments at home, learn Japanese until late at night, or that you tutor that kid who lives nearby.

Mention all the activities that interest and motivate you, the activities that you’ve been doing for as long as you can remember, the activities that you are good at and really into even if they may seem unimportant to you.

Is content king?

Sure, content is the priority but the form is important too. A “grammar check and spell-check” as well as proofreading your application twice are great tools to save you from embarrassing mitskaes like tehse 🙂


Everyone makes mistakes. Try asking a friend to read through your application.

And don’t forget to pay attention to the organization and clarity of your sentences and paragraphs. Group similar ideas, state them clearly and add short, descriptive explanations.

Good last advice

There is nothing worse than when the application evaluators find out that what you wrote is false (all your answers exaggerated or not true at all). In fact, this stands even if they never find out.

Are you ready to start your application?

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