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Friends of LEAF Club was established by Y3 classmates, aiming to provide a more friendly and loving environment for the LEAF community, especially during the online period, by arranging different activities for the whole school to participate. So far we have successfully held the Valentines Speed date, the Grand Book Swap, and we are excited to share with you our latest project, the App Haul.

We asked our students and staffulty members (teachers and employees of LEAF Academy) to share with us apps they find useful or worth-having, while others might not know. After a week of active contribution and evaluation, we ended up with 20 amazing apps to share.
We encouraged people to share these findings with their families, friends, and loved ones, therefore it’s our pleasure to present our collective contribution to you guys! We hope you will have some interesting findings 😉
A small disclaimer: All the descriptions and notes are offered by our fellow classmates or staffulty. We share them as they were originally submitted in the form. D=Description, A=Availability, N=Notes. 

Brave browser

D: It is a browser with ad and cross-site tracker blocks, which increases its speed immensely. It's faster than Chrome and protects the data of the user. It also gives ad revenue of (voluntary) verified notification ads in the form of BATs (Basic Attention Tokens - cryptocurrency). A: Free, all market


D: Simple task manager with all the features you really need. Makes it quick and easy to create/organize tasks. Also includes a pomo timer and habit tracking + cool customizable widgets on Android. A: Optional pro plan but free version is enough, All market N: Use Dark Mode 😀


D: Keeps your store cards in one place and without the need to carry them A: Free, all market

Remix Second Hand & Outlet

D: Online second hand/outlet with reliable and fair service and loads of clothes, shoes and accessories. A: Free, all markets N: You still have to pay for the clothes.

Web video cast

D: Lets you cast your online videos (from any webpage) to your smartTV, chromecast or whatever media stick you have. A: Free, all market

ASR Voice Recorder

D: Incredibly customizable voice recorder. A: Free, Android


D: The best Android file manager. A: Free, Android

Hebrew/Greek Interlinear Bible

D: Offline mobile interlinear Bible with lexicon. Lets you read the Bible in its original language with English interlinear translation, grammar and more. A: Free, Android

Forest - Stay focused

D: Productivity and focus app. It helps you stay focused and stay away from your phone... The app motivates you by visualizing your goal/task with a planted tree which dies if you start using your phone during the time of the task. A: One time payment on IOS, free on Android


D: Habitica is a to-do list app with game mechanics overlaid in order to help the player keep track of and remain motivated to achieve their goals. The main mechanic of this app is your little customizable character that levels up, when you do your tasks, it also can get hurt when you miss a deadline. You can also create parties with your friends and go on a quest together. 🙂 A: Free, all market


D: A great app for following stoicism lifestyle. Has breathing exersice, meditation exercise, and guided journal for you to reflect on your life. A:Need to subscribe for a plan but it's a one time payment 🧐, IOS N: Following the steps everyday can be hard to commit, but after few weeks you should be able to have the mindset yourself without the guidance of the app

Plant Nanny

D:Water-tracking app where the water you drink serves to bring up in-app plants. If you drink a lot, you can have a huge interactive super cute garden! A: Free, all markets N: The plants make super cute sounds!!


D: In this app you can track your sleep, how long it lasts, how high quality it was, how you felt when you woke up, etc. A: yes it needs subscription but the free existing features are already enough😜, IOS


D: Language learning app and even richer desktop platform with tons of content. A: Free, all markets


D: App where you can learn programming when you're bored.. A: Free, Android


D: An infinite database of books where you can track your reading, read a ton of reviews, and interact with your friends and the books they are reading. A: Free, all markets N: IT'S THE BEST

Daily Art

D: App will send you a new art piece every day with a short description of both the artist and the meaning of the art. A: Free, all market N: I set the reminder at noon so every day at lunch, I can spend just 5 mins to learn about a new art piece

Fit On

D: This app has free workout videos and challenges. A: yes it needs subscription but the free existing features are already enough😜, Android

Settle Up

D: "Settle Up keeps track of your gang’s expenses – great for travellers, flatmates, couples and others." A: Free, all market.


D: Drawing app for iPad A: Need to subscribe for a plan but it's a one time payment 🧐, IOS

Author of this article is Ingrid Yan Zhang (currently Y3 student) at LEAF Academy, also a proud member of the Friends of LEAF Club. 

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