We opened our after school clubs for everyone!

Co-curricular activities, as we call them, encompass everything students are involved in outside of their academic classes. Academy clubs, sports, and volunteering are all part of co-curricular activities. They are organized during the week and weekends, both on and off-campus. Activities are designed to enhance students’ sense of community, strengths, and passions; as well as create a space for students to discover and try out new skillsets and activities.

Saturday’s CLUB FAIR has boosted our co-curricular for a new school year. Students, teachers, and external partners have presented their clubs. 

List of clubs open for public

When: Wednesdays, from 4 PM, weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Atlantis (ground floor)

Alternative photo vibes club is a space for all lovers of photography and people who would like to experiment a little bit. Through the semester we will explore how analog photography works. We’ll be trying different types of analog photography – 35mm film and then Polaroid and Instax photography. All students will get a chance to shoot on a 35mm film camera and Polaroid cameras. We will work conceptually with all medius. The experimenting part presents workshops consisting of technics like a Polaroid emulsion lift, double exposure on Polaroid, painting with the light on Polaroid material, and more.

When: Thursdays, from 3.30 PM, weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Fireplace (lobby)

You love it, you hate it, you don’t care, but it’s here to stay (for a reason)! Regardless of whether you are the most conflict-avoidant person on earth, or your name is Anfisa, arguing is a vital part of any essay, SAQ, or conversation with Marcelka about why you didn’t fill the form in on time. LEAF Debate Club proudly teaches its members to make sense when making a point, provides them with a chance to learn public speaking skills necessary for any future job, and, most importantly, that being loud does not equal being smart. If you want to discuss smart things, though, try the Debate Club! event

When: Tuesdays, from 4 PM, weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Rivendale (1st floor)

This club is a space for anyone who wants to learn any language. In the club, you would be provided with resources, structures, and tips to learn any language of any level on your own. Since there is not that much language-immersive content provided at LEAF Academy (especially for the Y3s), this is a great way how to study a language at your own pace without any specific expectations or limits.

When: Tuesdays, from 4 PM, weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Atlantis (ground floor)

If you feel like you need more math stimuli in your LEAF Academy life, Math club is there to help 🙂 We will spend our time thinking about math problems, learning general strategies for problem solving or just tackling riddles and puzzles. The club is open to both – dedicated math lovers and recreational mathematicians who would like to challenge themselves – we will adjust the difficulty based on the club members’ preferences. Lower school students will probably profit more from the club, however, the upper school audience is welcome too. Disclaimer: The club is not set up to prepare you for IMO. 

When: Mondays, from 4 PM, bi-weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Atlantis (Ground floor)

Would you like to train your brain and try something else than solving hard math problems and reading challenging books? Join the puzzle hunting club! Puzzle hunt (or for those from the region: šifrovačka) is a series of puzzles, where solving one gives you the location of the other one. While there are not so many puzzle hunts taking place close to Bratislava, we can still train solving puzzles from different hunts and competitions, learn basic principles (substitution, transposition, steganography, and others), and maybe look into the history too. .-.. — — -.- .. -. –. / ..-. — .-. .– .- .-. -..

When: Thursdays, from 4 PM, bi-weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Polaris

A safe space meant for learning, exploring, or simply spending time with peers similar to you. Focus on topics related to the LGBTQIA+ community.

When: Tuesdays, from 4.30 PM, weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Mauna Loa (basement)

Have you ever wanted to practice problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity through a fictional environment? Have you ever wanted to be a wizard hurling fireballs at your enemies or a fighter with a physically impossible sword, slaying through hordes of goblins? Or maybe a cyberpunk vigilante who takes the law into their own hands or on the other hand breaks every law they can? Or maybe you wanna be a 1920s era investigator trying to find out how to kill Cthulhu. If any of these apply, feel free to join the TTRPG club where we will be playing RPG classics like Dungeons and Dragons, Cyberpunk RED, or Call Of Cthulu 7th. We will just play some games, have fun, go through traumatic experiences and maybe even finish an adventure!

When: Thursdays, from 4.00 PM, weekly basis
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava, Mauna Loa (basement)

One of the oldest cultures in the world that has influenced cultures like Roman, Macedonian, Greek, Russian, the Arabic as well as some Asians culture. Let’s together explore the beauty of a culture that is often mysterious and unknown to many Europeans. So don’t hesitate to join us in the Persian Culture Club. Together we will explore Persian culture, customs, language basics, cuisine and much more, based on the preferences and interests of our club members. Unlike Iran, this club is democratic.


We offer our afternoon clubs also for students outside of LEAF Academy. This way we would like to invite you to experience the community life at LEAF Academy and share our passions together.

  • Clubs are for the 8th – 9th graders and high schoolers
  • They are run in English and for FREE

For more information contact us at info@leafacademy.eu or call us +421 907 836 490.

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