Help for Ukrainian students

High school students – teenagers have a lot of problems in today’s world even without wars. Ukrainian high school students today are facing many other major problems in addition… They have found themselves away from home, alone or just with their mother or siblings, in a foreign country, without knowledge of the local language, without school or after school activities, without friends or peers. They are very worried about those they have left at home and about their own near and distant future. They are here in Slovakia, with no plans, just fears. Let’s help those who are in Slovakia and they need our help now!

The funds raised will enable us during these weeks and until the end of the school year:

  • to cover the running costs of our current students from Ukraine and other countries affected by the war in Ukraine
  • to cover the costs of accommodation, meals, school supplies and study program for newly admitted Ukrainian students
  • to cover the costs of experiential and project learning of our students within their student enterprises and projects aimed at helping Ukraine
  • to cover the costs of LEAF Academy projects with other schools and non-profit organizations in Bratislava and Slovakia (e.g. material support for schools or English language teaching projects in classes that schools open for Ukrainian students as well as Buddies and peers programs)

The funds not used by the end of the school year will allow us

  • to offer places in our international summer camp 2022 to Ukrainian students
  • to provide places and scholarships to study at LEAF Academy to more students from Ukraine in the school year 2022/23
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