We opened our after school clubs for everyone!

Co-curricular activities, as we call them, encompass everything students are involved in outside of their academic classes. Academy clubs, sports, and volunteering are all part of co-curricular activities. They are organized during the week and weekends, both on and off-campus. Activities are designed to enhance students’ sense of community, strengths, and passions; as well as create a space for students to discover and try out new skillsets and activities.

List of clubs open for public

When: Tuesday, from 4 PM, monthly
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava

LEAF Academy students are known for their interest in youth politics, hence a MUN (Model United Nations) club could provide value to those looking to either start or continue their journey with MUNs. We will meet on a monthly basis to share upcoming conferences, help our members apply, and train their MUN skills.

When: Thursday, from 7 PM, weekly
Where: Hotel Astra, Prievozska 14/A, Bratislava

Chess is a great opportunity to improve intensity of bounding relations that we have in our community by giving people a chance to involve in a cognitivie and logical fight. Making chess mainstream in our community we will improve the level of analysis and the skill of decision making among us. By the end of this club, students will also improve in the area of creative and critical thinking.

When: Friday afternoon
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava

This club is for people who consider themselves as creative and want to explore what they can do when it comes to graphic design. Most important thing in this club is the willingness to master some tools (mainly) in Adobe Illustrator – basic knowledge of Adobe software would be ideal.

When: Saturday or Sunday morning, irregular
Where: Bratislava (meeting point: Hotel Astra, Prievozska 14/A)

The goal of the mushroom-hunting club is to promote a healthy curiosity about the world around us, specifically the nature which envelops all of us. Members will learn to distinguish edible, inedible and poisonous mushrooms, train their attention to detail, spend a couple of hours moving out in the fresh air of the woods around Bratislava, and experience the rewarding  joy of finding small treasures provided by nature.

When: Tuesday, from 3:30 PM
Where: LEAF Academy, Sasinkova 13, Bratislava

We’d go out and take pictures and make movies together and it would be lots of fun. We are a very individualistic artsy community but this club is a great way of connecting us and sharing our visions with each other. Once you leave this club, all of you will know your way around a camera and will be able to explore your potential passions for Photography completely individually.


We offer our afternoon clubs also for students outside of LEAF Academy. This way we would like to invite you to experience the community life at LEAF Academy and share our passions together.

  • Clubs are for the 8th – 9th graders and high schoolers from Slovakia (if the situation allows us, we are meeting preferably in person)
  • They are run in English and for FREE

For more information contact us at info@leafacademy.eu or call us +421 907 836 490.

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