The successful story of NEASC Accreditation

After several years of our continuous effort, we are delighted to announce that LEAF Academy was awarded initial accreditation by the NEASC Commission on International Education. 

One of the key components of our 4E value of ethics is humility, which often stops us from talking about the Academy in ways that might be seen as self-congratulatory. But humility is not the same as meekness and false modesty, it is also about awareness of ones’ strengths and the acknowledgment of the contributions of others.

To acknowledge the contributions of everyone who helped LEAF Academy get this far on our journey, many thanks are due at this moment:

To our current and past students and staffulty: Thank you! You have built an exceptional community that embodies our 4E ideals. Our parents appreciate the students’ growth and hard work, and the staffulty’s dedication to their children. The visitors saw this: What they say about LEAF Academy, they say because of what they saw and heard you do.

To our parents: Thank you! You trusted your children to embark on this journey with us, and the Academy to guide them! Thank you for your trust and support. 

To our colleagues at LEAF: Thank you! You worked tirelessly in ways seen and often unseen by us at the Academy to allow us to grow and prosper. We hope to see you more often and share our learning journey with you. 

To our advisory council, board and donorsThank you!  Your guidance, dedication, and support made LEAF Academy possible in the first place, and we are in great debt for your generosity and kindness.  

Now, to give some truth to Berrin’s words that we are a community that will always be “working on it,” let me conclude by saying that the initial accreditation is not the end of LEAF Academy’s efforts to deliver innovative education. It is an acknowledgment of the quality and effort of our students and our staffulty. It is also an encouragement to hold on to our dedication to press on the journey to become and remain a place of world-class innovative learning.

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