LEAF Academy opens the possibility of study for day students

The international high school LEAF Academy aims for a higher quality of life in Slovakia by virtue of the mindsets and behaviours of most leaders in business and public sector. In order to become more accessible to the community in Bratislava, the school is introducing a new concept of day student study from the school year of 2023/2024.

The new school options

Since its opening in 2016, LEAF Academy has operated  as a residential / boarding school. Based on a recent survey, the school’s representatives observed the continuous interest of students from Bratislava and surrounding area who prefer accommodation in a home environment. Therefore, starting from the next school year, it comes with a new study option, and so decided to open its doors to day students as of the year 2023/2024.

Day students will have access to all the activities that define the LEAF Academy community – nature hikes, a semester of experiential education, sports activities, afternoon clubs, a weekend program or school trips. They will therefore become a regular and mutual part of the school community.

Day and international school in an urban environment

So as of 2023/2024, we welcome those for whom the residential element represented a specific barrier. It becomes clear that LEAF Academy will be a school combining day and residential studies in an urban environment for at least the next 5 to 7 years. This step will further strengthen the community bonds of students at our high school, thanks to which our future leaders will acquire not only practical skills but especially moral and character values.

Realization of their own projects, taking internships and meetings with partners from commercial or non-profit organizations can now be experienced by even more prospective students.

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