Admission process

You can apply either to the 4-year or 2-year program at LEAF Academy. The 4-year program is a full high school program. The 2-year program is a diploma program which covers the last two years of high school. If successful with your application, you will enter Year 1 or Year 3 at LEAF Academy, respectively, as of next September. In some cases, the admission team may allow or even recommend the starting in Year 2 or Year 4.


Applying for and attending LEAF Academy can be an important family decision, so we encourage you to continue reading, learn more, and contact us with any additional questions.

Depending on whether you are seeking scholarship for your studies at LEAF Academy or have your own funding there are two different flows of admission. The content of the assessment and selection criteria are the same for both processes. All admission decisions are made on merit.

Regular Admission Process

for applicants requiring financial assistance
(LEAF Academy Scholarship Program)

Rolling Admission Process

for applicants with their own funding (no financial assistance)

Regular admission process

Applications are accepted from November to March and the selection process is completed in April (see current schedule). Regular admission process is a need-blind process, i.e. the majority of admitted students can expect scholarships covering their full demonstrated financial need.

Please note that if you are applying from outside of the Central-European region, the number of international scholarships covering full demonstrated needs is limited (1-2 scholarship places, partial scholarships may also be available).

The regular admission process is now closed.

The next application period opens in mid-November 2022.

If you have independent funds to cover the tuition fees, you can apply through the Rolling Admission process, which is open throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, contact our Admissions Office at

Completing an online application is the first and the most important step to apply to LEAF Academy. The application will ask for descriptions of your past achievements, activities, and your motivation for studying at LEAF Academy. The application period usually opens in November and closes on March.

We do not run any specific academic testing, but there will be an assessment of your general study readiness. This test will take place online in the first week after the application deadline).

Our admissions team will review your application and assessment and will be inviting selected candidates for an online interview. The aim of the interview is to learn more about you and all the information mentioned in your application.

All applicants will be informed about the results of their application by mid- April. Candidates who receive an offer to study at LEAF Academy start their admission process and are invited for the Welcome to LEAF Academy Day – a one-day event for all accepted students and their parents taking place at the end of April.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high number of applications and limited scholarships, only selected candidates from countries outside of Central Europe may be invited for the assessment depending on the funds available.

Early Bird admissions process may be open before November solely for applicants who have been successful in the previous year selection but did not meet the age requirements (deferred applicants) or attended one of our LEAF Academy Student Programs. This process will be communicated directly with the stated candidates and is not open for new applications.

  • What is the key aspect of the admission process?

We recommend all applicants to focus on their application – that is how we create the first picture about you; from where we want to learn the most later during the interview.

  • What if I do not achieve good results in / fail the online assessment?

The Study Readiness Test is designed to explore your ability to manage in the academic field. If you do not pass it but, at the same time, your application is considered strong, our admissions team invites you for an interview anyway. If your application is moderate, but you excel in the assessment, it can substantially help you to go to the interview too.

  • What are the selection criteria?

Each and every student at LEAF Academy is unique. All students have areas in which they excel and areas that need more growth and practice. The admissions team is not looking for “perfect” students; instead, we are searching for candidates that possess a variety of strengths, interests, and backgrounds.


The Academy makes its admissions decisions in the Regular Admissions Process on merit and on a need blind basis (applications are reviewed and places offered to applicants without knowledge of their family finances). LEAF Academy does not discriminate on the basis of gender (identity or expression), race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity.


There are no specific English language tests; however, the entire application process is conducted in English.  For applicants to the 4-year program, your willingness to learn and practice intensely may be more important than your current ability to speak or writing in English.

For 2-year program applicants, willingness to learn is also important; however, you should be aware that you will be enrolling in AP level course and taking rigorous assessments in English at the end of each school year.

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