Admission process

You can apply either to the 4-year or 2-year program at LEAF Academy. The 4-year program is a full high school program. The 2-year program is a diploma program which covers the last two years of high school. If successful with your application, you will enter Year 1 or Year 3 at LEAF Academy, respectively, as of next September. In some cases, the admission team may allow or even recommend the starting in Year 2 or Year 4.


Applying for and attending LEAF Academy can be an important family decision, so we encourage you to continue reading, learn more, and contact us with any additional questions.

Depending on whether you are seeking scholarship for your studies at LEAF Academy or have your own funding there are two different flows of admission. The content of the assessment and selection criteria are the same for both processes. All admission decisions are made on merit.

Regular Admission Process

for applicants requiring financial assistance (LEAF Academy Scholarship Program)

Rolling Admission Process

for applicants with their own funding (no financial assistance)

Rolling admission process

Available for all students who have independent financial funds to cover their entire study at LEAF Academy. Applications and selection process are open throughout the school year. Please note that international students from non-Schengen countries must allow enough time for the admission process and visa application. Admitted students must demonstrate their financial means before they can initiate the Schengen visa application process.

For more information about LEAF Academy International Admissions, please contact:

Mrs Jana Sheppard
T: +421 949443573 (also for WhatsApp and Telegram)
WeChat: JanaShep71 

Rolling Application Process is available for all students who have independent financial funds to study at LEAF Academy and applications are open throughout the school year.

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Completing an Application Form is the first application step to LEAF Academy in the rolling admission process. 
The rolling admission process is open throughout the school year.
Upon completing the application form you will be contacted by the Admissions Office.


We do not run any specific academic testing, but there will be an assessment of the student’s English language skills and general study readiness. These tests are taking place online and upon invitation.

Official English as a Second Language tests (IELTS, Cambridge) scores may be provided in support of the student’s application.

Based on the application review and test results, applicants will be invited for an online interview. The aim of the interview is to learn more about the applicant and all the information mentioned in the application. The interview includes questions on student’s activities, achievements and their motivation for studying at LEAF Academy.

All applicants will be informed about the results of their application shortly after the interview. Applicants who receive an offer to study at LEAF Academy may start their enrolment process.

Upon payment of a refundable deposit of 50% of yearly school fee, the place will be confirmed, and the Schengen visa process initiated for students from non-Schengen countries. The refundable deposit will be returned in case of visa refusal. 

The enrolment process will be completed by sending a pre-arrival pack which will include instructions and forms to fill in and return: school calendar, medical form, parental consents, AP courses selection (for Year 3 and 4), boarding and host family questionnaires, expected arrival time and travel details etc.

Additional useful information for APPLICANTS WITH OWN FUNDING / NO FINANCIAL AID


The school fee for the academic year 2021/22 is 21,400 Eur

This includes:
  • All tuition 
  • Accommodation (in twin rooms with en-suite bathrooms, laundry)
  • Meals (three meals a day + snacks)
  • Externally assessed international examinations (Advance Placement)
  • Books and other tuition-related costs
  • Trips, outdoor and experiential activities
  • English as an additional language lessons
  • Clubs and co-curricular activities
  • Evening and weekend activities
  • Access to a gym
  • On-site medical and wellbeing teams
  • University counselling
  • Public transport in Bratislava
  • Free wi-fi in all our academic and residential facilities

Rolling Application Process is available for all students who have independent financial funds to study at LEAF Academy and applications are open throughout the school year.

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The Academy makes its admissions decisions in the Rolling Admissions Process on merit. LEAF Academy does not discriminate on the basis of gender (identity or expression), race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity.


There are no specific English language tests; however, the entire application process is conducted in English.  For applicants to the 4-year program, your willingness to learn and practice intensely may be more important than your current ability to speak or writing in English.

For 2-year program applicants, willingness to learn is also important; however, you should be aware that you will be enrolling in AP level course and taking rigorous assessments in English at the end of each school year.

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