Everyone Can Afford to Apply. LEAF Academy practices a need-blind admission which means that a candidate’s ability to pay the school fee does NOT play a part in the admission decision. Therefore, the school fee should NOT be a considering factor for you when deciding to apply.


We aim to make it possible for all students who are selected to attend LEAF Academy, regardless of their financial circumstances. We have an extensive scholarship program and economically disadvantaged families are eligible for scholarships up to 98% of the total fees.

The school fee for one academic year at LEAF Academy is 21.400 EUR. This includes all tuition, accommodations, meals, transportation between dorms and school, books and other tuition-related costs.

Once accepted, each student will be asked for further information about the family’s financial status. The majority of admitted students can expect to receive scholarships covering their full demonstrated financial need. The scholarship is awarded to a student for the whole period of study (2 or 4 years). Currently, all of our students have been granted a scholarship.

We have students who have been granted the maximum scholarship and pay only 400 EUR a year. Families of the students who started last year were awarded more than 2,3 Mil euros in financial aid.

Scholarships typically come from individual donors who believe in our founding values and wish to help talented young people from Central Europe and beyond have access to a world-class educational experience.

You see? There is no reason to be afraid of our school fee! Learn more about our admission process and how to apply.

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