Who the Academy is for

Who the Academy is for

LEAF Academy is an international boarding high school in Bratislava, Slovakia, offering also some places for day students from Bratislava and around. We seek to enroll active and talented students from diverse backgrounds into a 4- or 2-year program.

We are looking for young people aged 14-17 with the potential to help positively impact the world around them through values such as courage, initiative, and resilience.

Typical LEAF Academy candidates:

  • Passionate about and excel in a particular area of interest
  • Dedicated to success in an intense academic environment
  • Ambitious and driven to turn ideas into reality
  • Resilient and seeks out challenges
  • Curious about the world and their role in society
  • Interested in bringing about positive change
  • Committed to quickly developing their English fluency
  • Open-minded about the beliefs of others

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