LEAF Academy Summer Camp 2019

5. Day

New day brought new topics. Students learned about subjects like EL, STEM, CES which we have at school and tried some new experiments.

Afternoon workshops brought many options…
Which of these would you choose?
Drama, creative writing, debate, calisthenics, volunteering,
Ultimate Frisbee or herbs?

4. Day

Overcoming a steep trail, 3-4 people sleeping in a small tent, finding the way after being lost, learning to cook cuscus, watching falling ⭐️ ⭐️ , enjoying talks at the campfire and overcoming own fears of the unknown and 🐻s…. 😊Looking at the adventure behind us we are happy and proud.

3. Day

Nervous, excited, curious or energized… students took off for their expedition. And what is ahead of them? 3 different routes, sleeping outside, cooking by themselves and hiking for 2 days in beautiful nature.

2. Day

Students learned how to properly pack for the outdoors, how to build their tents and start their gas canister… Roles have been assigned and everything is ready for their expedition tomorrow.

1. Day at Camp

35 young seekers of new adventures, challeges and fun have happily arrived to the camp site. After a few introductory sessions and games they are starting to have a clearer idea what is ahead of them with their new friends.


All you need to know to fully enjoy the Summer Camp! 🙂


Maryia Georgieva: +421 907 836 490 / summer@leafacademy.eu



In what language are we going to speak during the camp?

The official communication language of LEAF Academy Summer Camp will be English. We really want you to improve your language skills and that is why all Camp participants will be speaking in English at all times.

What is included in the fee?

The Camp fee includes accommodation, all meals, equipment, and program. Since the overall value of participation at the Camp significantly exceeds the given fee, most of the costs for a participant are covered by the financial support of LEAF Academy and its donors. What is not included are your travel costs*, pocket money and insurance.

*If you need help with transport, let us know. We can support with transportation to the camp venue from certain pick-up points around Slovakia.

What happens if I will have to cancel it?

In case you cancel your participation by June 15, you will receive 50% of the total camp fee back.

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