Are you ready for a week of exploration and new experiences? Challenge yourself at LEAF Academy Summer Camp!

For 7 days you will challenge yourself during real-life projects and hands-on experiences together with active young people just like you! You will learn how to spot great opportunities around you and how not to let them go but take full advantage of them. And you will have a great chance to meet and communicate with people from different countries and cultures!


Late applications may still be considered.

According to the actual situation, we consider all possibilites of SUMMER CAMP´s organisation.  

In case of any news we will inform you immediately.

We offer 2 separate programs based on your age:



During the Camp you will… 

  • Experience a 2-day outdoor adventure and explore your own limits 
  • Learn to be independent and to take initiative
  • Challenge yourself by solving problems in a team

…and all that in the English speaking environment!



During the Camp you will… 

  • Take initiative and work on your own projects
  • Develop entrepreneurial thinking
  • Challenge yourself through experiential activities and solving problems in a team

…and all that in the English speaking environment!

  • Are you 13-17 years old?
  • Can you communicate in English and want to practice it more?
  • Would you like to boost your skills?
  • Are you not afraid to explore yourself and your limits?
  • Are you eager to meet like-minded young people?
  • Would you like to experience a new way of learning in an intercultural environment?

If your answers are yes, than LEAF Academy Summer Camp is definitely for you. 🙂 

You will join one of the two programs (Adventurers or Explorers) according to your age at the time of the Camp. When filling in the application form you will be directed to the correct program according to your age – 13-15 year old for Adventurers and 16-17 year old for Explorers.

LEAF Academy sponsors are generously supporting LEAF Academy Summer Camp. To make the Camp the best possible experience for our participants, we have chosen to run the camp at a high quality venue and engage qualified facilitators as staff members. As a result, the real cost of the Camp per participant is around 490 EUR. With this information in mind you can choose to contribute by one of the two following ways:

  • Basic participation fee of 150 EUR – We would like to have the Camp as open as possible to students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. We believe that the size of your family wallet should not be the only decision-making factor in determining whether to participate at the Camp or not.
  • Basic participation fee + Voluntary contribution (more than 150 EUR) –  If you believe that your income allows you to contribute more, a voluntary contribute above the basic participation fee will help us cover some of the real Camp costs.

The Camp fee includes accommodation, all meals, equipment and program

What is not included are your travel costs, pocket money and insurance. If needed we will provide support with transportation to participants coming from abroad or other parts of Slovakia to the Camp location (from Bratislava main train station/airport).

The official communication language of LEAF Academy Summer Camp will be English.

We really want you to improve your language skills and that is why all Camp participants will be speaking in English at all times.

As places are limited, we would like to select those participants who would benefit the most from the Camp and its program. Therefore, all candidates will go through a brief selection process where we will consider their motivation to participate as well as their basic ability to communicate in English.

You will receive the decision of admissions to the Camp by the end of April.

The selected participants and their parents will then confirm their interest by paying the Camp fee and will subsequently receive more details and documents, which will need to be filled in before the start of the Camp.

At this moment, we are updating our cancellation policy. 


+421 907 836 490