First DofE mock Expedition in Malá Fatra

Blog by Peter Wetzler
The first six brave students have officially kicked off the first Duke of Edinburgh Award mock expedition at LEAF Academy. This training expedition was essential to better prepare before the real expedition.


How Matej pursued his dream about university studies abroad.

Just like many other high school students, Matej had a dream of studying at a university abroad one day. He wanted to experience a different kind of learning, to live on his own, and to become as good as possible in his field. “I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to study, I just knew…


We’ve been on a winter hike!

Blog by Alexia Benakova
From frozen sandwiches to art workshops, the first week of the new term at Leaf Academy has been as experiential as it gets. To start the semester off on an adventurous note, the whole academy embarked on a winter hike through the trails of Velka Fatra.


Webinar “LIFE AFTER LEAF Academy”

In 20 minutes you will get an overview of what it takes to get to universities abroad.
Along with our University Guidance Counselor, Michael, and Year 4 student, Dominika we will cover these topics. AP courses, LEAF Academy High School Diploma, options after LEAF Academy, examples of our Alumni


Is LEAF Academy the best fit for you?

Yep, the application deadline is closer and closer. In one of our previous articles we tried to help you with filling in the application. Now the game changes. If you can see yourself in the following few points, please DO NOT apply. That way, you will avoid disappointment. PLEASE NOTE, the following article is meant…


Time for us to celebrate: the construction of our campus has begun

After months of preparations, the big day has arrived. Finally we can celebrate the beginning of the construction of our campus in Vištuk, a village located 30 kilometers from Bratislava. We didn’t even notice how quickly the time passed until suddenly we found ourselves standing in a barn, blowing up balloons and putting up decorations.…


Potluck is all about sharing!

Coming to LEAF Academy can sometimes be very tasty, literally, and potluck dinners are one of the best examples of this. Students join with their teachers and advisors to prepare a variety of delicious meals to contribute to a shared table of tasty dishes. Students enjoy the opportunity to share favorite family recipes with the LEAF…