LEAF Academy opened in September 2016. Currently, two main buildings house the school’s classrooms and residential facilities in Bratislava, Slovakia.

For the 2023 – 2030 period, we are seeking new academic facilities, that will enable an increase in student enrollment and support our continued growth. 

Our long-term vision is to develop a new school campus near Bratislava.


The current academic building is located at Sasinkova 13 in the former premises of the Portuguese embassy. With winding staircases, brightly lit classrooms, and numerous cozy places to study or socialize, the academic building provides everything necessary for your learning needs.  There are indoor lounge areas and a lovely outdoor deck that steps down to a small grassy garden area. The building accommodates approximately 100 students, in additional to staffulty, and is well equipped with wi-fi, wall spaces to write on, projectors, Chromecast accessibility, printers, and a library. It meets all of the legal hygiene and safety requirements of a school while providing a creative educational space for students and teachers.


The current residential building is located on the 6th, 7th and 8th floors of Hotel Astra. It is a short, easy bus ride from here to the academic building. Boys and girls are housed in separate access-controlled hallways, one hallway is a mixed-gender. The residence hall is a nurturing environment that makes your residential experience feel like a home away from home. Each floor is equipped with a kitchenette, study room, lounge room, and laundry facilities. You will live in a suite with three other students:  with means that two students share a bedroom room and the four together share a small common space, bathroom, and shower. There is also a large conference room for all residence to share together for Prep Time, meetings, or events such as a Halloween party, karaoke, movies, or game nights. We have a nurse and a senior administrator on-call 24 hours/day.

Future Campus

To accommodate the growing number of students, LEAF Academy is starting to build its future campus in a new location about 30 km outside of Bratislava. The new residential campus will open its doors in a few years and we will then call Vištuk home. Designed to help the Academy develop leadership skills and build a strong community, the new campus does not aspire to be a luxurious place but instead a place that fosters creativity, entrepreneurial creativity, and community engagement. We have worked with Bogle Architects to design and build a centralized amphitheater, cafeteria, housing, classrooms, and various meeting spaces that will provide students and staff opportunities to collaborate, socialize, and share living and learning together.  

Academic building

Residential building

Future campus visualization