Reviews from our students

Entrepreneurial leadership helps me address problems that our society faces by teaching me practical skills and giving me space to develop my ability to lead people. I constantly use this knowledge when turning my ideas into reality.

Andrej, Partizánske, SK

When I came to LEAF Academy I hadn’t expected it could be as real and beneficial as it is in reality. The relationships with teachers or fellow students create a completely different atmosphere. These amazing and inspirational people helped me to realise that you can achieve more than you may ever think. It’s also very important to know that there is always someone you can rely on or talk to whenever you need.

Veronika, Sereď, SK

I am grateful for a lot of things here in LEAF Academy, but I value the people around me the most. These (close friends, teachers, classmates, other students, staffulty) are incredible people who inspire me every day. It is very special and amazing for me to have a safe environment where I can share my ups and downs, and my friends and teachers will always support and help me, and last, but not least make me laugh.

Karin, Siladice, SK

For me, LEAF is not only about high-class education and being surrounded by active, like-minded students. It is also about trying out something I have never experienced before; the boarding life.

Ján, Smižany, SK

As a foreign student, I am often asked if life at a boarding school doesn’t make me feel homesick. The answer is yes, it does. But at the same time, when I am back home, then I miss LEAF. I miss all the great friends, open teachers and various opportunities that became an indispensable part of my life when I came to LEAF Academy.

Barbora, České Budějovice, CZ

This place with all of its people can be an amazing journey in which one has to face challenges and maybe even fears in order to grow. The good part, you’re not facing the scary growing up-part alone. Instead, you’ve got amazing friends around you and the chance to learn stuff you would not elsewhere. Hell, I’ve even learned how to do my taxes here.

Florian, Salzburg, AT

Leaf Academy results in me looking forward to school every day, my teachers are my friends and the residence has become my second home. Now I see the purpose of learning and I have lots of new opportunities.

Valentína, Banská Bystrica,SK

This institution gives us space to express our opinion and innovative ideas and provides us world class education in English. I got into an inspirational international community where I could discover those characteristics of my personality/identity that I had not known before. And I have realized miracles happen where people let me blossom on my own and be who I am.

Virag, Tatabanya, HU

LEAF Academy moves my mind to places it has never visited before.

Sára, Bratislava, SK