Residential life

When you completely immerse yourself in a community by learning and living together, the overall experience is more meaningful than a typical school experience: your friendships become stronger, your understanding of others grows immensely, and the many petty arguments you have with your parents happen much less (which means they’ll be even happier to see you at home).

We are trying to provide a part of this experience also to our day students. They participate in after-school activities (clubs, sports) or activities during some weekends and offsites.

LEAF Academy makes me look forward to school every day, my teachers are my friends and the residence has become my second home. Now I see the true meaning of learning and how many new opportunities it brought me.

Valentína, Banská Bystrica,SK

At LEAF Academy, you will be guided along the way by both residential and non-residential staffulty (staff and teachers) who ensure that your time outside of the classroom is fun, safe and continues to promote self-development. All of the time you spend with friends and staffulty outside of the classroom can really become the best part of a boarding school experience.

It is essential for leaders in the 21st century to develop cultural competency and interpersonal skills in addition to academic knowledge. Living and learning together with students from diverse backgrounds, different countries, and various cultures creates innumerable opportunities to grow as a student and a person.

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The first priority of LEAF Academy is your safety and well-being. We have gone to great lengths ensuring that the physical spaces, systems and procedures guarantee you will live and learn in a safe and comfortable environment. You will have an advisor and a dormitory parent: think of these two adults as your “parents” when you’re away from your parents. You will also be in constant contact with other adults, teachers, staff and coaches to help you build positive and healthy relationships with peers and adults.

The academic building is a former embassy and, therefore, has very safe and strict access controls. The academic building is surrounded by a closed-gate that only students and staffulty can access with an individual key. In the residence hall, other hotel guests are not able to access any of the specific LEAF Academy hallways or living quarters of our students.

There are around 16 of LEAF Academy residential faculty housed full-time on various floors in the building and additional teachers rotate visiting the residence hall throughout the weekday evenings and weekends. In addition, there is a nurse and a senior administrator on-call 24 hours/day.