EL Day: Pit stop on the way from ideas to leadership

On the 25th of April, the Entrepreneurial Leadership Day was held at LEAF Academy. Instead of the usual schedule filled with various subjects and activities, students spent half the day presenting their projects on which they had been working for the past four months in their entrepreneurial leadership classes.

The purpose of EL day is to share what students have learned from their projects and decide which of these projects will continue and will get the targeted support from LEAF Academy the next year.

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Students’ work was evaluated not just by their classmates and teachers but also by external hosts from Engame Akadémia, who appreciated their presentation skills and the diversity of their projects.

Students covered a broad range of topics, from poetry slam events, apps and websites to clothing businesses. Below, we bring you a more detailed description of a few of the projects, along with an introduction to the Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum as such.

Assorted projects, big learning indeed

The very first project to be introduced was Model European Parliament Slovakia. Its aim is to “raise educated and politically engaged European leaders and decision makers of tomorrow that our society can be proud of”, while involving as many high school students as possible, regardless of their background.


The Model European Parliament is a conference where delegates discuss issues that the European Union is tackling and strive to solve them. MEP’s organizers are hoping this project could become an annual tradition, where LEAF Academy students would organize the national round of Model European Parliament.

From ideas to leadership

So how did students come up with the ideas? We asked this question of Peter Reťkovský, one of the Entrepreneurial Leadership teachers. Peter says: “The main purpose of these classes is to bring up successful leaders able to see growth areas within society, engage, motivate and lead others to create a collaborative effort towards their improvement.

In the classes we provide a supportive environment for the students where they have the opportunity to repeatedly try the entrepreneurship and leadership methods on real projects, where even if they fail, they learn from failure. We hope that this will ultimately help them to succeed in the world outside LEAF Academy.

We motivate students to focus on projects that not only have business potential, but also work towards improving the world around them.

EL Day at LEAF Academy

One of these projects is FEW, which offers free internet connection in various places. “We want to improve the efficiency of time spent waiting with free internet access. We provide free wi-fi connection to people in various places with the sole cost of simply seeing the advertisement on the login page of the wi-fi.

Advertisements appear every 13 minutes and users can be connected for an unlimited time,” said Filip Rácz, leader of the project. They aim to establish free wi-fi in ten places, such as polyclinics and railway stations.

What’s next?

All projects presented during the Entrepreneurial Leadership Day received feedback from guests, younger students sitting in the audience, and teachers. Based on how much the projects learned in the previous months and their potential for the future, four of them received a license to become LEAF Academy’s Student Enterprise for the next school year.

Fountain Poetry

Students from other projects will join these enterprises, projects will receive targeted support from school, and they will serve real customers and potentially continue when the students graduate with new teams.

This year LEAF Academy’s Student Enterprise license was awarded to the following projects: the aforementioned projects FEW and Model European Parliament as well as the better known to public Fountain Poetry with poetry slam events and clothing business W Statement.

Congratulations! We’re pretty sure you will hear a lot more about them in the future!

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