Congratulations to our first graduates!

Graduation ceremony on Saturday the 23rd of June was a big milestone not only for our graduates but for all of us. For the first time in the history of LEAF Academy, we witnessed our students stepping out into the next chapter of their lives. Celebrating with our first graduates was an emotional experience when we thought of those two years spent together at LEAF Academy.

The ceremony was held in Moyzes Hall in Bratislava. Together with graduates´ families, friends, and teachers, we celebrated as they received their High School Diploma – their successful completion of school.

Our Year 4 graduates were the very first class of a two-year program and the pioneers paving the way for following classes. These first 21 students are from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Egypt, and Germany. They have laid the first cornerstones for our Academy community.

They unlocked their passions and talents thanks to the 2 years they spent at LEAF Academy, which provided them an opportunity to grow in the fields of their interests. For some students, it means to continue studying entrepreneurial leadership, for some law, liberal studies, informatics, or design.

„Two and half years ago we decided we wanted something more, something different. We had a  desire to be challengers, future leaders, and pioneers. Each of us with unique strengths, passions, and personalities. And here today we stand together united in our diversity as a class that will be hard to forget,“ describes her class Alexandra in her speech.

We couldn’t be more proud of them, when they were all standing there together.

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