How Virag overcame her fear of English

Virag is one of many students who didn’t speak English fluently when she came to LEAF Academy. She refused to be discouraged, however, and made a firm decision to stick with it through all the ups and downs. I wanted to study in English, I knew that it would be more than important for my…

Want to get a sneak peek into our Open Day?

A school building full of visitors interested in meeting our students, learning about what and how we teach, or tasting a bit of our community spirit – that was last Saturday at LEAF Academy. Weren’t there? No worries, you can experience it right here – or at least the little part of it that could…

LEAF Academy campus on the way!

LEAF Academy is starting to build its future campus in a new location about 30 km outside of Bratislava. The new residential campus will open its doors in few years and we will then call Vištuk home. LEAF Academy is a unique international boarding school for students primarily from the Central European region, regardless of their…


Welcome to LEAF Academy Campus

As part of the last residential weekend we organized for our current students a visit to our future LEAF Academy premises. They had no idea what would follow… 🙂 We have prepared a short photo report of this sunny Saturday afternoon for you to feel the atmosphere of the day as well. Our students’ inaugural…

Meet Laurel, our new Character Department colleague

Laurel Waterhouse, originally from the USA, has always had an enquiring mind about the world and people, is adventurous, and thrives on taking herself out of her comfort zone. She has enriched our LEAF Academy team since September, where she works as the Dean of Character.    In order to help introduce her further, she…


Ďakujem, prosím!

‘Ďakujem’ in Slovak means ‘Thank you’. ‘Prosím’, also in Slovak, means ‘You are welcome’. I have chosen these two words as the title not solely because I am very grateful for my experiences while living in Bratislava and interning at LEAF Academy. I have also chosen them because they are the words I heard the…


Through the eyes of a refugee camp volunteer

Blog by Júlia Schönfeldová
As of the beginning of the third term, I packed off to Serbia along with four of my classmates and three teachers, excited to experience refugee camps firsthand. I am sharing with you, my dear reader, part of my journal composed of situations that I and we together, have encountered.


Volunteering Immersion: 24h Challenge

Blog by Lea Thome
Finally, we have begun our Term 3 and I got to be part of an on-campus experience called Volunteering Immersion. For our second day of our Volunteering Immersion, our group leaders have decided to give us a special challenge: a 24-hour challenge

Younger students shared at market place

Blog by Ľubica Lutz
From January, twenty students in their first year of Academy worked on their first own entrepreneurial projects. They spent six hours weekly at entrepreneurial leadership classes to gain basic knowledge of design thinking and applying it right away on their ideas.