The word “co-curricular” may not be familiar to you, so a quick explanation:  co-curricular activities encompass everything students are involved outside of their academic classes.  Academy clubs, sports, and volunteering are all a part of co-curricular activities.

During week and weekends, both on-and off-campus, we offer a wide spectrum of opportunities and experiences for students. These include clubs, sports, volunteering possibilities, and the time to develop one’s own excellence in particular interest area. Activities are designed to enhance students’ sense of community, strengths and passions; as well as create a space for students to discover and try out new skillsets and activities.

Students can participate in co-curricular activities both on and off campus, during regularly scheduled activity periods in the afternoon, during the free time after classes, and on weekends. Advisors play an important role in assisting students to find a healthy balance between sports, club participation, academics, special interests, and overall well-being.


Co-curricular activities are student-driven (selection, running the activity, schedule) under supervision of Staffulty and experts in a variety of fields. During the Orientation Week students come together to create a range of clubs and activities they would like to pursue during their time at LEAF Academy.

Additionally, members of the Staffulty, the community, and external guests can offer a wide variety of club-related activities; connecting students with expertise in their areas of interest. Registration for activities occurs at the beginning of each term. After each term, students can choose a new activity to pursue, or continue to pursue their previously selected club.


Current Clubs offer:

  • Drama Club
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Debate Club
  • EL Club
  • Rainbow Club
  • Mushroom-hunting Club
  • Dance Club
  • French Club
  • Music Club
  • DofE Club
  • TEDed
  • Visual Image
  • Self-defence
  • Physics
  • Current Affairs


LEAF Academy makes every attempt to provide physical development opportunities for students. The specific teams, sport types and schedule is purely dependent on the number of students interested in each or necessary numbers necessary to reserve an external venue.


Volunteering is a key value in character development. Volunteering programs provide healthy exposure to the realities of the society we live in, through integrating challenging experiences and allowing students to develop close contact with organizations and their clients.

At LEAF Academy we hope that students will be intrinsically motivated to engage with the community. Students will be connected with Staffulty role models who will regularly announce available volunteering opportunities. Advisors will assist students in finding volunteering opportunities that fit their skills, interests, and schedule.

Excellence Time

Excellence time provides space for preparing for and attending competitions and tournaments, workshops, conferences, playing the instrument etc.