High school diploma

LEAF Academy is a private international boarding high school with a unique focus on entrepreneurial leadership, character development and Central Europe. The Academy has both a two-year and four-year program of study, all taught in English.

Graduates will earn an American High School Diploma from LEAF Academy, as well as either an AP International Diploma or AP Capstone Diploma for external exams organised and assessed by the College Board, an internationally recognized board of examiners.

The AP program is unique in that it enables students to study selected subjects at university level rigor during high school. Many colleges and universities accept AP test results as full or partial credit for freshman level classes. The AP diplomas are accepted by universities in over 60 countries world-wide, including most leading universities in the ARWU Shanghai university rankings, such as Harvard, Cambridge, or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich.

AP Capstone Diploma

The AP Capstone Diploma, a new innovative diploma based on university-expressed needs and requirements and the 21st century learning (P21) initiative, is available to all four-year students. The AP Capstone Diploma portion of the curriculum is taught in English, with a total of six subjects taken over the space of two years. In the third year, students take the compulsory AP Seminar and two elective subjects, the fourth year includes the compulsory AP Research and two other electives.

AP International Diploma

The AP International Diploma, a globally recognized award requiring students to display exceptional mastery on AP exams across several disciplines, is available to both four-year and two-year students. To earn the diploma students will take at least five AP exams (English, one classes offering global perspective, calculus or one other science class, two additional AP exams of your choice).

For all practical purposes, studying at LEAF Academy is treated the same way by national authorities as studying at a school abroad. Where required by the students’ own national authorities, students will be able to submit their College Board AP diplomas for a national equivalency determination. 

In addition, where required to do so by their national legislation, students entering LEAF Academy can also enroll at a national high school of their choice, which will serve as their contact point with their national education system.

If you desire, you can pursue periodic equivalence exams at their national contact point school in order to also hold a national high school matriculation certificate in addition the the LEAF Academy diploma and AP Diploma. LEAF Academy will allow and help you to prepare for such exams, but cannot administer them.