LEAF Academy Summer Camp 2020

Would you like to attend it?
We don’t know when, where, but we will be happy to have you there. 🙂

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It’s a great opportunity to meet a bunch of new and amazing, creative and intelligent people and you can find out a lot of stuff about yourself.




Have a look at the Summer Camp 2019

Day 7

With the last day of the camp, the biggest challenge has arrived- saying goodbye to new friends. After receiving certificates and turning our room into a hug factory we had to say bye for now. But we hope to meet again next year.

Day 6

Service-learning is a part of the LEAF Academy curriculum, so we couldn’t let our campers go home without the experience. They painted benches and cleared the river in the local village Osrblie. And as we realized that this is our last day, emotions kicked in.
The final evening bonfire and dance party was the perfect way to end the day.

Day 5

New day brought new topics. Students learned about subjects like EL, STEM, CES which we have at school and tried some new experiments.

Afternoon workshops brought many options… Which of these would you choose? Drama, creative writing, debate, calisthenics, volunteering, Ultimate Frisbee or herbs?

Day 4

Overcoming a steep trail, 3-4 people sleeping in a small tent, finding the way after being lost, learning to cook cuscus, watching falling ⭐️ ⭐️ , enjoying talks at the campfire and overcoming own fears of the unknown and 🐻s…. 😊Looking at the adventure behind us we are happy and proud.

Day 3

Nervous, excited, curious or energized… students took off for their expedition. And what is ahead of them? 3 different routes, sleeping outside, cooking by themselves and hiking for 2 days in beautiful nature.

Day 2

Students learned how to properly pack for the outdoors, how to build their tents and start their gas canister… Roles have been assigned and everything is ready for their expedition tomorrow.

First day at the Camp

35 young seekers of new adventures, challeges and fun have happily arrived to the camp site. After a few introductory sessions and games they are starting to have a clearer idea what is ahead of them with their new friends.

Our team from the Summer Camp 2019