Tips from our students on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle

Blog by Year 1 students
Over the past few months our students have been diving deep into the topic of eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyles. Their teachers from the Entrepreneurial leadership department joined up with teachers from STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) department to create a complex educational approach toward this subject …


How to fit all of you into an application

Are you applying to LEAF Academy? We know it is a big step for you and all of your family. We understand that while trying to fill in the best application ever, you might be under a bit of pressure. That’s why we decided to make it much easier for you by giving you a…


We opened our after school clubs for everyone!

Saturday’s CLUB FAIR has boosted our co-curriculars for a new school year. Students, teachers and external partners have presented their clubs. Co-curricular activities, as we call them, encompass everything students are involved outside of their academic classes. Academy clubs, sports, and volunteering are all part of co-curricular activities. They are organized during week and weekends,…


Is LEAF Academy the best fit for you?

Yep, the application deadline is closer and closer. In one of our previous articles we tried to help you with filling in the application. Now the game changes. If you can see yourself in the following few points, please DO NOT apply. That way, you will avoid disappointment. PLEASE NOTE, the following article is meant…


Potluck is all about sharing!

Coming to LEAF Academy can sometimes be very tasty, literally, and potluck dinners are one of the best examples of this. Students join with their teachers and advisors to prepare a variety of delicious meals to contribute to a shared table of tasty dishes. Students enjoy the opportunity to share favorite family recipes with the LEAF…


My internship experience I won’t forget

Blog by Ján Hlinka
To confess, my anticipations were slightly skeptical before starting as I’ve heard numerous cases where interns represented a burden rather than added value to the company.

Where to go if you want to create a CV/resume?

Blog by Jasna Cifrová
High school students are often put in front of seemingly impossible questions and tasks – how to get work experience at a job which requires an applicant to already have work experience? What is a CV/resume, and how to create one? What to write, if one doesn’t have that much work experience?


Congratulations to our first graduates!

Graduation ceremony on Saturday the 23rd of June was a big milestone not only for our graduates but for all of us. For the first time in the history of LEAF Academy, we witnessed our students stepping out into the next chapter of their lives. Celebrating with our first graduates was an emotional experience when…