About LEAF

LEAF is a Slovak non-profit non-governmental organization focusing on the development of young people with the potential to grow into the shapers of Slovakia and Central Europe. Through a variety of programs it aims to enable writing of memorable stories of future shapers that demonstrate character, excellence, entrepreneurial leadership, and civic engagement – regardless of their socio-economic background.

LEAF runs educational and support programs for individual students and young professionals across different life stages, including:

For talented high school students:

Identification, networking, and support of their development through:

  • A mentoring program TalentGuide providing Slovak high-school students with their own mentor.

  • LEAF Award program that recognizes young exceptional Slovaks (aged 10-16), aspiring to improve the quality of life within their communities, and offers support in the implementation of their projects or their personal development.

  • Secondary School Scholarship Program – scholarships for one or two school years at prestigious private high schools in US and UK. Scholarships are mediated by ASSIST (for the US) and HMC (for the UK).

For teachers:

Mentoring and coaching secondary school teachers within the Individual teacher development program.

For Slovaks abroad:

Creating and curating job and internship opportunities and volunteering opportunities in order to develop young talented Slovaks living abroad, reconnect them with Slovakia and facilitate their homecoming.

For young professionals:

Providing opportunities for development and civic engagement through skill-based volunteering program at non-profit organizations or with social entrepreneurs.

Growni is a platform, where people can find opportunities that link active students or young professionals with organizations in Slovakia, through:

PoraďSa – mentoring
NaskillujSa – skillshare
Pomáhaj – expert volunteering
Pracuj – job opportunities

Over the last 6 years, hundreds of LEAF alumni participated in different LEAF run or LEAF supported programs and gained new sources of inspiration, development, mentoring, or networks in writing their personal stories.
You can find more information about LEAF at www.leaf.sk or at LEAF’s Facebook fan page.