What makes us unique


Students have access to world-class quality and value-based education within Central Europe.

  • Accessible: We aim to make it possible for all students who are selected to attend LEAF Academy, regardless of their financial circumstances.
  • World-class: Our curriculum, staff member expertise, teaching practices, and student body all continue to meet and exceed our expectations for excellence.
  • Real-life: Our programs involve practical, hands-on, needs-based approaches to developing innovativeness, design thinking, and interpersonal skills.
  • Value-based: Responsibility, moral courage, cultural awareness, humility, and respect are necessary for all aspects of living, learning, and leading in a globally-minded atmosphere.


Adolescence is a time of personal, academic, and social growth and LEAF Academy will support all of its students through a safe and supportive community. Students learn and live in a community of like-minded, supportive, and open-minded peers and adults.

  • Inspirational: A place in which adults and students create a community that motivates each other to dream and act big.
  • Supportive: A challenging, safe, and supportive environment that views failures as learning opportunities and encourages personal, academic, and social growth.
  • Like-minded: Talented, active, open-minded students with high potential from the Central European region and beyond, come together to create a community, regardless of background differences.
  • International: Exposure to different cultures, personalities, and ways of life through learning and living together.
  • Friends: Lifelong friendships, formed by having fun and overcoming challenges together, will create a LEAF Academy alumni network with a global reach.


  • Passions: Students discover what they are passionate about and shape their future educational and career paths during high school.
  • Mentors: Students will work closely with a number of adults including their teachers, advisors, residential faculty, and coaches all of whom will help the student move through a process of self-discovery.
  • Partners: They acquire real-life skills via authentic projects, not only with teachers but also with real business and NGO partners. With the students and partners, they create their own network of contacts for the future.