A weekend course for future changemakers!

Are you 14-17 years old?



LIVE program – LEAF Academy Immersive Virtual Experience is an exciting opportunity for you to meet like-minded people, improve your English skills and develop your entrepreneurial thinking. You will look at your surroundings in a different way, identify key issues to work on and develop a project idea in an international team of peers. You will receive feedback on your ideas and boost up your skills by interactive workshops led by LEAF Academy staffulty, students and Alumni, and much more!

Join to experience LIVE program from Friday, May 28 until Sunday, May 30, 2021 and boost your entrepreneurial skills!


When will we meet?

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 28-30, 2021

How will we meet?

  • Virtually (from the comfort of your home), no matter where you are in the world
  • We will be using the videoconferencing platform Zoom to connect
  • You will be provided with further information about how to connect after being selected for participation in the program

How will we communicate? 

  • The official communication language of LIVE Program will be English.
  • Please make sure your English is sufficient for communication.


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During the LIVE program, Julian, Valentína, and Emanuel will tell you about:
👉 what they were doing when they were 14-17 years old,
👉 what piece of advice would they give to themselves, if they were starting a new project, 
👉 how do their projects look at this moment?

Julian Gerhart

Julian is a co-founder of NGO Zmudri. He and his team make short learning videos about important issues such as critical thinking, elections, financial literacy, job search and many more. Primarily, they focus on the topics which are not sufficiently covered at schools. As he is very passionate about their project, he doesn't have that much spare time 🙂 In case he does, he enjoys reading books and long city walks.

Valentína Vavi Sedileková

Vavi is a leader of the nonprofit organization EDI Slovensko, mostly known for the project Chuť žiť. She and her team, are working in the field of eating disorders to help, support, and prevention. The team is composed of professionals as well as volunteers and people with their own experience. Besides this, her passion is book writing and she also works in O2 Slovakia as a member of the Internal Communication team. She is 20 years old and lives in Bratislava.

Emanuel Kucbel

In 2018, Emanuel Kucbel became a LEAF Award laureate. This price enabled him to start his marketing apprentice agency TOCHKA production, whose aim was to create quality work by students for companies that cannot afford to hire professional agencies and enables said students to perfect their skills. In 2020 he moved to London to study Music Business & Songwriting at BIMM Institute. His newest entrepreneurial project is a band called Sushicide. It's a project in which they are trying to connect artists from different areas (dance, fashion, film, music, graphic design).


How do cryptocurrencies work?

Miroslav Macko
Alumnus of LEAF Academy, 
Student of University of Cambridge

Cryptocurrencies changed the global economy and also the way we use ciphering in technology. At this workshop you will learn – Why are cryptocurrencies special, how they work and how can you start your own wallet.

Write Your Heart Out

Jasna Cifrová
Alumna of LEAF Academy, 
Student of University of Amsterdam

Writing allows us to process our emotions, dream up and create new worlds, and immerse ourselves into fantasies. In this workshop, we’ll go over some easy exercises to get your writing juices flowing, and you’ll come away from the workshop with ideas and sketches of future stories.

Creative and Tech routes out of the Covid-19 pandemic

Emanuel Kucbel
LEAF Award laureate
Student of BIMM London

‘Creative and Tech routes out of the Covid-19 pandemic’ is 60-minute workshop which will analyse how tech and the creative industries will offer young entrepreneurs routes to thrive in a post-covid world. This workshop is supported by #TheWRD, a London-based EdTech company, that combines expert educators, creative industry big hitters (such as BRIT Award winner Celeste or Grammy Award winner Paul Epworth) and deep-learning AI, to give people from all walks of life the capabilities, qualifications and connections needed to pursue their preferred path in the creative industries. You will discover #TheWRD’s knowledge bank – #ShareTheWRD – and get a chance to ask creative industry professionals and trailblazers a question.

Put yourself in the shoes of a NATO diplomat!

 Yurii Hrytsak
Student of LEAF Academy

Immerse yourself in the discussion and resolution of a worldwide crisis by becoming a NATO ambassador for 1 hour. You will be introduced to the field of youth diplomacy by partaking in a simulated session of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Powered by IDP.

Hidden hero in you

Martina Pankuchová
Alumna of LEAF Academy, 
Student of Univerzita Komenského

We will discuss how to look for volunteering opportunities, how to create them or how you can volunteer abroad and discover the world! At the end of this workshop, you will know how to make the first step on your journey to become more civically engaged and active citizen (and also how volunteering can help to find your first job, live in 5 different countries, find like minded friends or change your uni choice:)).

Policy Making: How Does an Idea's Time Come?

Mouadh Elarbi
Alumnus of LEAF Academy 
Student of Bard College Berlin

Have you ever wondered why policies related to climate change or systematic racism are so hard to implement? Or who makes these policies and how it affects people? In this workshop you’ll get a sneak peek into the world of public policy: how is it made and how can you shape it. We’ll cover interesting concepts such as power, target populations, media and framing, stakeholders, and policy agenda setting. If you are interested in the world of politics, social justice, or journalism this workshop is for you.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our STUDENT Programs team at programs@leafacademy.eu or +421 907 836 490.


Please note that the real costs of the program are much higher than the fees given and are up to 200 €.

The real costs are generously covered by our donors, in order for us to keep the program accessible for everyone who would like to learn and develop their abilities. If you believe that your income allows you to contribute more than the fee for the given deadline, then this would help us cover some of the real costs.

Places are limited to 50 participants, in order to ensure high quality of the program and an individual approach, even in the virtual environment. Therefore we would like to select those participants who would benefit the most from the program. Applicants can expect a brief selection call where we will consider motivation to participate and an ability to communicate in English. This selection will always take place within 1 week after the given deadline. If applying as a group or a pair, please make sure all members have an ability to communicate in English. It will be checked during the selection process.


1 person
until May 10, 2021
  • Official application period is over, however your late application might still be considered


A group of minimum 2 and maximum 6 members
per person
  • If you register together with a friend, a family member or as a group of maximum 6 members - you will receive a discount and pay only 14.99 € per person.
  • Official application period is over, however your late application might still be considered.
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