Warm welcome to new students

Last Saturday we held an opening event for all students admitted for the new school year. Together with parents, siblings and grandparents they spent a day at LEAF Academy filled with plenty of information, pleasant encounters and new experiences.

LEAF Academy welcoming new students

Altogether we hosted more than 80 visitors from different parts of Slovakia and Central Europe.

Getting know LEAF Academy

New students have many questions about their future school. Going to a new school is an important step for the whole family!

This is why we have given them the opportunity to meet our current students in advance and ask about whatever they are interested in or worried over. And – last but not least – start forming new friendships…

New friends

… and take a deeper look at the classrooms, school building and curriculum, and the subjects they will study at LEAF Academy.

Curriculum and study subjects

Our favourite street food providers Uličník served lunch to all the guests from their blue truck. Chicken steaks and curry – fresh, healthy and made with love 🙂

Lunch is served

And it seemed like everybody enjoyed it 🙂

Parents of students

Or were they just hungry? Anyway, everyone seemed to be smiling more afterwards.

LEAF Academy students

During the Q&A session (questions and answers) various important questions about studies were raised by our future students and their parents. And we were there to provide the answers firsthand.

Q&A session

Many, many answers 🙂

Q&A session

Parents talking to parents

Some parents of current LEAF Academy students shared their personal experience after the first year of school. Sharing is caring.

parents talking to parents

And some LEAF Academy “parents” (advisors) of our students were sharing their experiences and information about our Advisory programme as well.

Parents talking to advisors

Thanks to all the visitors for spending an enjoyable day with us here at LEAF Academy. We hope they got all the information they needed and that it helped them in this important step in their life.

We are looking forward to welcoming them as a part of our community in September! 🙂

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