Where to go if you want to create a CV/resume?

Increasingly, high school students realize the value of work experience during their high school studies. They are often put in front of seemingly impossible questions and tasks – how to get work experience at a job which requires an applicant to already have work experience? What is a CV/resume, and how to create one? What to write, if one doesn’t have that much work experience? With a bit of research, advice, and practice, most problems can be resolved. For example, creating a resume is now very easy with all the possibilities the internet offers us.


1) First of all, as a high school student, you can use the popular free tool called Linkedin. It allows you to create your own profile and answer all kinds of questions in order to build a full picture of yourself – including your previous and current work experience, education, co-curriculars, skills or strengths, the languages you speak, awards you have won, your volunteering experience, and so much more. In addition to that, you can connect with your friends, teachers or family, to extend your network. This way, you can see what everyone around you is up to.

LinkedIn is primarily used by working professionals to maintain their networks, showcase their work and successes, find job opportunities or follow influencers. But even if you’re still in high school, it can be a useful tool. You can download your profile in the form of a clean resume, and you can get noticed by potential employers. Don’t forget to ask for feedback – writing a resume or describing your experience the first time around can be difficult, and it is hard to find the tone that can display your qualities in the best possible light.

2) Surprisingly, you can also build your resume right from Word, Pages or Google Docs – whichever word editor suits you the best or is pre-installed on your computer. Either online or already installed in the application, you can find tens to hundreds of CV templates, for different job areas, levels, and visual tastes. The downside is that there is no guidance or extra content on how to build resumes built into these apps. On the other hand, when building your resume, it cannot be seen by anyone else and stays private to you, and you do not need to sign up or register for a website or service in order to build it.

3) There are also many other online tools you can use to build your resume, mostly putting a lot more focus on the visual appeal of the document. One of these tools is Kickresume, which allows users to build beautiful resumes, cover letters and online profile websites. Additionally, you can make use of the interactive job center, which helps you discover your ideal career through fun games, or read the extra content on writing resumes, job seeking and similar topics.

4) Other than Kickresume, you can use VisualCV. This tool allows you to import already existing data from LinkedIn or other services, use a pre-filled template, or start your resume from scratch. You can also use VisualCV to send out customized versions of your resume to different companies and track their success.

5) Another online tool is ResumeGenius. The tool provides fewer templates, instead focusing on simplicity rather than design. You will be walked through creating your resume every step of the way and can use pre-written phrases in your resume to make the first-time resume writing process smoother. In addition, you can get advice and feedback from a resume expert 1-on-1, to create the best possible resume.

As you can see, you have many options of channels to create a resume. Don’t forget that choosing a website or service that offers nice designs or is the fastest isn’t all the effort needed. You still need to try to get as much feedback as possible on your first resume, and always adapt the resume to the job you’re applying for. The cool thing is that most of the websites mentioned above have a lot of free resources, blog articles or video tutorials that give great advice on how to create the content for your resume.


Written by Jasna Cifrová, Year 3 student

During the school year, Jasna has experienced three weeks long internship, that was part of the experiential learning at LEAF Academy. As she describes herself, it was a great time of learning and growing with event company FutureNow.

„Working at FutureNow has been incredible. I have had the opportunity to see how a conference gets organized from the inside, and experience everything from partner meetings, brainstorming sessions, creating marketing content, and so much more. On top of all the learning, I am fortunate to be working with a great, driven team of people and look forward to work every day.“

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