Do you like the mission of LEAF Academy? Come and join us! Currently, we are looking for:

LEAF Academy

Innovative Mathematics and Science Educator

Our main challenge: This is an opportunity to help build a world-class innovative and integrated mathematics and science curriculum. LEAF Academy is looking for an experienced math educator who can teach Mathematics, Science (primarily Physics) and/or Computer Science. The ability to differentiate in curriculum and instruction, and curriculum development are highly desirable. A passion for Entrepreneurial leadership is also be welcome.

Health Team Supervision

Our main challenge: LEAF Academy is looking for a pediatrician to provide on call advice and limited in person supervision to the health care team at LEAF Academy.

Dean of Character

Our main challenge: LEAF Academy is looking for an exceptional candidate to join its leadership team as the Dean of Character. The Dean of Character reports to the Principal and is a member of the senior leadership team that consists of the principal, three deans, and head of operations. The objective of the leadership team is to work as a team rather than as a collection of individuals.


Our main challenge: Fundraiser  will assist the leadership of LEAF and LEAF Academy in identifying possible international institutional donors.

Name your role

If you haven’t found a suitable opportunity on our list, but you’re still convinced you’d be a good fit, feel free to apply proactively!


Peer Groups Project Manager

Our main challenge: Peer Groups Project Manager manages already existing peer groups and helps create news ones in Slovakia, but also abroad. Project manager in this role is critical for LEAF success in creating a scalable community focused program, which helps its members by being in a supportive environment where they can tackle professional and personal challenges.

Head of Human Resources

Our main challenge: The role has to ensure that all human resources (HR) activities are carried on smoothly and effectively. It is responsible for developing HR strategies and providing sound advice to senior management on all related subjects. The goal is to ensure that all HR needs of the company are being met and are aligned with organization vision, values and company objectives.

Project coordinator for cross LEAF projects

Our main challenge: Successful implementation of LEAF cross – organizational projects with the aim to fulfill strategic objectives and support desirable cultural upgrade through transformation of project deliverables into One organization modus operandi.

Community Builder

Our main challenge: Community builder is a dual role, part of which focuses on building community of Young Professional Programs. At the same, the selected candidate would also drive strategy to build communities of other LEAF programs and start connecting to broader ecosystem.

Scale up coordinator for teacher development program

Our main challenge: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help scale-up the successful and proven teacher development program with consistently high participant satisfaction rates and potential to innovate Slovak education.