Thank you for your support in May Campaign

We would like to thank everyone who supported us during the May campaign. We collected contributions totaling 36,410 Euro! Thanks to your support, our Year 1 students will also be able to continue their studies at the Academy next year.

If you didn’t have time to support us in May, you can do so with a one-time or regular contribution (see link below) even further. We will use your contributions for additional financing of student activities within our character education and entrepreneurial leadership programs, as well as for the support of extracurricular and sports activities.

We thank everyone who contributed in May and supported our Year 1 students and we also thank our main donor for the ongoing generous support, thanks to which the Academy can continue next year for all current students.


Our vision is to bring a higher quality of life in Central Europe thanks to the characterful behavior of leaders in the public and private spheres. We want to sustainably provide world-class education to active students regardless of their socio-economic background.

To fulfill our vision, we offer an extensive scholarship program in which more than 90% of students receive a scholarship covering most of the costs of their studies at LEAF Academy. A scholarship program of such scope makes our school unique not only in Central Europe.

Thanks to your financial donation, we can increase the positive impact not only in Slovakia. Be part of our work and help LEAF Academy so that as many students as possible can develop and learn at LEAF Academy, regardless of their financial situation and circumstances.

In addition to supporting students within the scholarship program, a number of other LEAF Academy activities require additional funding.


  • activities for students within our character education and entrepreneurial leadership programs
  • facilitation and equipment for extracurricular and sports activities for our students

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