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Dear participants,

First of all, thank you for deciding to join the VISEGRAD YOUTH ENTREPRENEURIAL VIRTUAL PROGRAM!

As you know this program is divided into 3 phases

  1. Ideation Weekend (10th -12th December 2021) COMPLETED
  2. Project Quest (January – March 2022) COMPLETED
  3. Showcase (9th April 2022) COMPLETED

the Showcase - phase 3

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. It definitely has been a challenge and you made it! You should feel proud and accomplished. Your projects were very interesting and I hope you pursue some in the future. If you require any help or mentorship – contact the project coordinator or your partners. 

Share us on Social Media CHALLENGE

Share your experience on social media and win some interesting prizes. All the details can be found here.

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Please fill in the FEEDBACK form here for the online program.



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Sunday activity


Saturday activity


Friday activity


SUNDAY workshop speakers

Here you can find all of the Sunday workshop recordings. 

PETER ZISKA (Spartan) - Saturday Speaker

To see his presentation, please click here. Do you remember his points in each slide? He has a mission in form of sport whereas you have a mission in form of the community project idea. Therefore his points could be applied in your project development in phase 2.

We also have a Facebook link containing an interesting video from one Spartan race in Poland. You can see various obstacles, tasks, and overall terrain he had to go through. This shows that his mindset was set high and you could definitely apply a similar mindset when developing your projects in phase 2. 


Each speaker will talk for 10-15 min (Q&A included). Please prepare 1 or 2 questions for each presenter. They are very much looking forward to your burning questions and remember that no question is a dumb question!

If you need to ask your parents or teachers for advice on how to ask a question, please do so. Let’s make the most of the time we have with these three amazing speakers who have a lot to say.


Mr Baker is a British diplomat, who was formerly Ambassador to Bolivia and Ambassador to the Holy See. He was Head of the Latin America department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from 2016 to 2019, and in August 2020 took up his appointment as British Ambassador to Slovakia. Find out more information about Nigel´s career: In addition to English, Nigel speaks Italian, French, Spanish, and Slovak. He is married to Alexandra and has one son.


Mario is an 18-year-old Slovak student and social media manager passionate about humanities, feminism & LGBTQ+ topics, and their spreading through various social media. Due to these reasons, he, together with his team, started GBAS Radio – podcasts covering a broad spectrum of school-connected topics such as studying abroad. Furthermore, in his spare time. Mário enjoys reading nonfiction, socializing with everyone around, and debating, which can be reflected by the fact that he was a part of the Slovak National Team which managed to place first in the International Public Policy Forum 2020/21.

Julian Gerhart

Julian is a co-founder of NGO Zmudri. He and his team make short learning videos about important issues such as critical thinking, elections, financial literacy, job search and many more. Primarily, they focus on the topics which are not sufficiently covered at schools. As he is very passionate about their project, he doesn't have that much spare time 🙂 In case he does, he enjoys reading books and long city walks.

Ideation weekend program

Getting to know each other and Guest speakers

In the first session, you will meet the facilitators of the program, will be introduced to the program flow and schedule, and will be able to ask questions regarding its organization. This will be the time when you will meet the other participants, learn something interesting about each other, and share your expectations.

You will have the opportunity to meet our inspiring guest speakers – Nigel Baker, Mario Valek, and Julian Gerhart, who will talk more about:

  • what they were doing when they were 14-17 years old,
  • what piece of advice would they give to themselves, if they were starting a new project, 
  • how do their projects look at this moment?

In the Friday session, you will learn about and get engaged in our Social Media challenge too!

If you have another 45 min spare and don’t want to snap back into reality just yet, you can choose from a mysterious riddles or jump into the Digital Skills workshop* – both are led by LEAF Academy staff, alumni and students.

In the Digital Skills workshop, you can develop your skills in working with Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides with Google Forms – very essential tools for this online program.

*This session is highly recommended to those who are not familiar with or would like a refresher regarding this online platform.

Morning session

We’ll start the day altogether with our morning ritual and after that, we will spend some time in our small groups, which will help us learn more about each other. 

Afterward, we come back into a big group session to start learning about Design Thinking and the BUILD model, focusing on the first two stages of it – BELIEVE and UNDERSTAND. You will receive task instructions that will start challenging your entrepreneurial thinking. The next few hours, after 11:00, will be used for individual work. Use this time wisely and appropriately as you’ll also need a lunch break. 

Handout for BUILD overview:


Community Challenge

Instructions for the task can be found here.

Victorian Gold  UPLOAD

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Hunter Green UPLOAD

Royal Navy UPLOAD

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Mango Tango UPLOAD

Here we’ll meet again to check the results from the individual task. We will learn more about making decisions as a group and also brainstorming during the INVENT stage of Design Thinking. 

In small teams, we’ll all get engaged in thinking outside of our own box during the IDEA generation.  We’ll evaluate the results and you will receive feedback on your group work from the feedback panel consisting of alumni, students, and teachers of LEAF Academy!

And before the end of the day, join us for the last SURPRISE activity, during which we will close the day together. What do you think the surprise activity will be? 


Victorian Gold  UPLOAD

Mellow Yellow UPLOAD

Hunter Green UPLOAD

Royal Navy UPLOAD

Poppy Red UPLOAD

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Mango Tango UPLOAD

Panel Discussions, Workshops, and Closing

We will start the day again with our morning ritual. After that, we will jump into Workshops on different topics, prepared by Visegrad facilitators, LEAF Academy teachers, professionals, and diplomats. Just don’t forget to pick your 1st and 2nd choice according to your preference here! 

To close up the program we will reflect on the experience together. The winners will be contacted a couple of days after the Ideation Weekend.


1. Gavin BeetlestoneFinding Purpose (Ikigai) This workshop will include some storytelling and food for thought on how failure is a stepping stone to finding purpose in your life. I will share my journey with this process, we will explore some of the themes in that story and you will learn about a tool that can help put you on the path to your own purpose. We will play, we will chat, we will think and we will share but the primary goal is for you to leave a little more self-aware and inspired about passions, strengths, and interests!

2. Alica VyskocaniovaBecoming a Headhunter/Brainhunter. Would you like to learn about the secrets of “HUNTING” successful leaders & experts for significant companies? In this workshop you will gain an overview regarding:

  • How Headhunters obtain (often secret) information
  • Which (not only) moral challenges & dilemmas Headhunters have to face in their job
  • What the key characteristics of an excellent Headhunter are
  • How Headhunting skills may help you in personal development and a potential career in the future

3. Martin ProchazkaMarketing navigation 1.0 Workshop provides a hands-on approach to marketing, which might be useful for your current or future projects. It has been designed for students and young professionals. The author of the workshop has 20+ years of international experience with marketing and communication. What will you learn at the end of the workshop:

  • Overview of marketing essentials
  • Most common marketing myths and prejudice
  • A practical approach to marketing for your project

4. Peter WetzlerHow to Boost Your Social Media for Your Project I will share with you tips and tricks about how to efficiently impact your followers and potential customers on Facebook and Instagram. When building my blog on social media, I learned a lot of things on the way, and I also realized that Facebook and Instagram work totally differently. The workshop will also include answers to:

  • How to keep your audience engaged?
  • How to stay motivated in the creation process?
  • And much more!

5. Leslie HaylerDoing Diplomacy, British-style

Leslie Hayler is a diplomat at the British Embassy in Bratislava. Leslie will share some of his thoughts and experiences of working for Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service for 20 years.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Student Programs team at or +421 907 836 490.

11 Detective Riddles – Can you solve them?

Do you think you’re observant enough to solve these tough riddles? Write your answer as a “comment” below each riddle!

Quick Questionnaire - Digital skills

Please complete this 5 min long questionnaire before Friday 10th December. It will show us how well and confident you are with using online platforms such as Google drive, Google docs, Google slide, Google sheet or Google form (essential tools). They will be used throughout the program, so we want to ensure you are well trained and prepared.

Those who are not familiar with these platforms, we will run a quick course on Friday after the official program. And for those who know and understand the platforms well, we have something else for you. Please note that this training can also be used as a refresher if you are interested. 

Communication in English

The official communication language of the Visegrad program is English.

You will be able to meet people from different countries and cultures. In order to improve your language skills, all program participants will be speaking in English at all times. This way we can respect one another.

The Purpose of the Visegrad program:

Over the course of these 3 phases we are aiming to help you to:

  • develop your skills to communicate in English,
  • develop entrepreneurial thinking,
  • challenge yourself through learning in an intercultural environment,
  • meet and connect with like-minded people.

Technical information

In case of any technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact our team at or +421 907 836 490.

For the majority of the online sessions during the Visegrad program you will be using Zoom platform to connect with us.  

For the full functionality of Zoom during the program, we encourage you to download the last version from HERE. If you already have Zoom installed, please update your version following the instructions from HERE.


We encourage you to join the Zoom meetings at least 10 minutes before the start to ensure Zoom and/or your device are running properly. Our team will be there 20 minutes before starting so the virtual room will be open and we will be waiting for you. If you have never used Zoom before, please read the instructions below and connect to the first session at least 10 minutes earlier. Whenever you are prompted to enter your name, please type your full name so we know who is joining.  

You have an option to download a Zoom application or use Zoom in a web browser. We strongly encourage you to download when prompted by Zoom, since the use of an app is more effective. 

  1. Click on a link to join a session.
  2. You will be prompted to download Zoom or to join from your browser. Click on ‘download’.
  3. A pop-up window may warn you that you are not installing the app from the store (you are installing from Zoom). Click on ‘Install anyway’.
  4. Another pop-up window will prompt you to enter your name – Enter your full name
  5. Click on ‘Join Meeting’.
  6. A pop-up window will ask you to agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Click on ‘I Agree’.
  7. Another pop-up window may prompt you to choose audio conference options. Click on ‘Join with Computer Audio’.
  8. And you have successfully joined the Zoom session.
  9. If you haven’t used Zoom yet, you can test it here:
  1. Please Use a laptop, Zoom is not really functioning well on smartphones. 
  2. Find a silent, calm and comfortable place, where you can participate in the program without being disturbed.
  3. For a better sound quality, use a headset.  
  4. Please don’t do any other activity on your laptop during the program sessions. Try to listen to each other and get to know the people in your team. 
  5. Prepare some paper to write on and some colorful markers or pens.
  6. If you are not joining from the Zoom application, but from a browser, Chrome is the most reliable for Zoom. 
  7. Try to make sure you can participate in all the program sessions.


Milestone Institute - Hungary

Milestone Institute is a national centre of advanced education for students aged 14-18, with the mission of nurturing a new generation of globally competitive and locally connected leaders in science, governance, entrepreneurship and social activism.

CTM - Czech Republic

CTM (Center for Talented Minds) works with children and students who want to learn more, motivating and mentoring them in their discoveries and in developing their learning skills.

Association AKWEDUKT - Poland

Association AKWEDUKT is an initiative for people of Kwidzyn who want to develop their city, their own interests and at the same time help others. The Association aims to bring positive changes to society and specifically to young people by working closely with youngsters from different countries and by making common projects.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Student Programs team at or +421 907 836 490.

The project is financed by the International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the Fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.