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Information for the applicants

As we previously mentioned, we are excited that we have received a great number of applications from more than 30 countries, and we apologize that it takes more time to process all of them than we had expected.


The applicants were notified about their current status. The process should be completed at the end of May, afterwards we will let the applicants know what the next procedure is.


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Opening in September 2016

Is it for me?

  • I don’t want to be average.
  • I like challenges.
  • I want to learn in English.
  • I like to study in an inspiring international environment.
  • I want to be prepared for a world-class university.

I want it

LEAF Academy


Our intention is to make LEAF Academy accessible for the most gifted and enthusiastic students. Therefore we have created a generous scholarship system which can young students use to cover their expenses.


Our team

Advisory council

LEAF Academy has assembled an advisory council that is comprised of global leaders in education. They bring knowledge and experience from some of the very best educational institutions around the world.

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