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School as your best start in life

If you are 14-17 years old and have the potential to positively influence the world around you, do not hesitate and apply to the LEAF Academy. In addition to valuable friendships, you will receive an American high school diploma with AP certification, thanks to which you will meet the requirements for studying at prestigious foreign universities.

We are an international boarding high school with the option of day study for students from Bratislava and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide world-class education to active students from the Central European region and beyond. We want to contribute to the development of young people with the potential to become personalities who will combine character, excellence, entrepreneurial leadership, and civic engagement, regardless of the socio-economic environment they come from.

What can studying at LEAF Academy offer?


You will gain independence thanks to the concept of residential school

The experiences you get at LEAF Academy are significantly different from typical school life. Boarding community life will bring you stronger and more intense friendships, greater independence, and responsibility. You will also gain a better understanding of your parents, with whom you will argue much less about stupid things (which means that they will look forward to your arrival home even more).


You will connect with the real world thanks to innovative teaching

The curriculum is designed to build not only basic academic knowledge, but also essential skills and attitudes needed for the success of young people in the dynamic environment of the 21st century. In addition, we have a lot of extracurricular activities where you can get involved in academic clubs, sports or volunteering.


You will discover your potential thanks to inspiring teachers and a community of students


The LEAF Academy team consists of top experts working in various fields including education, the private sector, state administration, and non-governmental organizations. Our teachers teach subjects in their area of expertise and will also look after you as 'boarding parents', mentors, advisers, coaches, and organizers of extracurricular activities.

What subjects do we teach?

Entrepreneurial leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership is one of the main study areas of LEAF Academy. The study combines work on real projects with practical education, case studies, or simulations. This approach develops in students the ability to recognize obstacles, turn them into opportunities and know how to start any project or build their own business.

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What does life at LEAF Academy look like?


How do you send the application?


For regular admissions, you can apply until February 28th 2024. Take your time to fill out everything, stay honest in your answers, and check it once again before submitting. 

You can enroll in a 2- or 4-year high school program.

  • The 4-year program represents the entire high school program.

  • The 2-year program is a diploma program and covers the last 2 years of high school.

For both programs, we offer the option of residential and full-time study. Day study includes classes, extracurricular activities (clubs, sports), school trips, and residential weekends. In addition, residential studies also include accommodation (including weekends) and all-day meals (5 times a day).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LEAF Academy for?

We are looking for students aged 14-17 with the potential to positively influence the world around them, also thanks to courage, initiative and perseverance. We do not look at the background of individual candidates. We are open to all students who want to work on themselves and improve the world in which they live.

What level of English do I need?

In order to successfully complete the 4-year study, a minimum knowledge of the English language at the B1* level is recommended, for the 2-year program the knowledge is at the B2* level.
* English tests are not part of the admission process, but the entire admission process and the interview itself are conducted in English. For applicants to the 4-year program, the desire to learn the English language intensively is more important than their current ability to communicate in English. For applicants to the 2-year program, the will to learn the English language is also important, but it is necessary to take into account that students already take external AP exams in English at the end of the first school year at LEAF Academy.

What makes LEAF Academy special?

Secondary education at LEAF Academy is:

Affordable: Thanks to the scholarship program, we strive to make studying at LEAF Academy possible for every accepted student, regardless of his/her financial background.

World-class: We strive to maintain high standards and the quality of our curriculum, teaching methods, and we also place high demands on our employees and students.

Connected to real life: Our study programs contain practical procedures based on the real needs of the contemporary world in order to develop innovativeness, design thinking and the student's ability to orientate and function in society.

Values-based: Responsibility, moral courage, tolerance, humility and respect are essential aspects for living, studying and leading in a globally minded society.

Can I afford LEAF Academy?

Our aim is for all students who have passed the selection process to be able to attend LEAF Academy, regardless of their financial situation and circumstances.

We offer a limited number of scholarships to students who qualify based on their financial situation.
From our experience, the proposed amount of the scholarship has been accepted by 95.5% of parents of admitted students.

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