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Highschool Diploma


Highschool Diploma

Our rigorous academic program leads to the awarding of an American High School Diploma with AP credentials.


Graduates of LEAF Academy meet the requirements of and gain entry to colleges and universities all over the world. The key to equivalency with local high school diplomas lies with the externally examined Advanced Placement (AP) exams that our students take typically in Grade 11 & 12.

The American High School Diploma accompanied with a number of passed AP exams (with appropriate scores) can thus open the doors to nearly any university/college program around the world. Furthermore, many colleges and universities worldwide offer university-level credits for AP exams passed with scores of 3 or higher.


Our students may also earn one of the following major AP Scholar Awards issued by The College Board, which recognize high school students who have passed their AP exams from the specific course groups:

Find more information about the actual LEAF Academy School Profile below.

LEAF Academy operates in Slovakia with the consent of the U.S. Embassy in Bratislava (Slovakia) and is recognized by the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport.

For all practical purposes, studying at LEAF Academy is treated the same way by national authorities as studying at a school abroad. Where required by the students’ own national authorities, students will be able to submit their College Board AP diplomas for a national equivalency determination. 

In addition, where required to do so by their national legislation, students entering LEAF Academy can also enroll at a national high school of their choice, which will serve as their contact point with their national education system.

If you desire, you can pursue periodic equivalence exams at their national contact point school in order to also hold a national high school matriculation certificate in addition the the LEAF Academy diploma and AP Diploma. LEAF Academy will allow and help you to prepare for such exams, but cannot administer them.

At LEAF Academy, we are committed to developing the following skills, competencies and values in each of our graduates:


Graduate Profile




Ability to identify opportunities, to create new ideas and improve original ones; to act upon ideas to make a useful contribution.



Ability to actively seek to understand opinions of others and to effectively convey own ideas.



Ability to think in broader contexts, ask the right question, reason effectively, and make sound judgments and decisions.



Ability to work effectively in diverse teams, with flexibility and a shared responsibility to resolve conflicts in order to achieve a common goal.




Stemming from the belief in the worth of an individual, a set of moral principles based on moral courage, respect and humility.



A holistic personality exceptional in one or two areas fueled by inner drive, curiosity, and resilience.



A drive for improvement powered by high aspirations, initiative, risk taking, and inspiring others.



A commitment to improve one’s community based on gratitude, care for others, and local heart, interest in the region and global mindset.

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