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Admission process



You can apply either to the 4-year or 2-year program at LEAF Academy, and based on your needs, you will be alocated to a certain program. 

For the Academic year 2024/2025 the Academy is opening a 2-year program, and a 4-year program will be open under the circumstance of a sufficient demand from applying students. The 4-year program is a full high school program. The 2-year program is a diploma program which covers the last two years of high school. 

For both programs, we offer boarding and day study options.

  • Day study includes classes, co-curricular activities (clubs, sports), offsites and activities during some weekends.

  • Boarding also includes accommodation (including weekends) and 5 meals a day.

Applying for and attending LEAF Academy can be an important family decision, so we encourage you to continue reading, learn more, and contact us with any additional questions.

Depending on whether you are seeking scholarship for your studies at LEAF Academy or have your own funding there are two different flows of admission. The content of the assessment and selection criteria are the same for both processes. All admission decisions are made on merit. If you have your own funding to cover the tuition, please apply through the international admissions. 

Applications are usually accepted till the end of February and the selection process is completed in April (see current schedule). LEAF Academy offers a limited amount of scholarships to students who qualify based on their financial situation. Due to the scholarships being funded from a donor fund, only students from the Central-European region are eligible for scholarships.

Please note that if you are applying from outside of the Central-European region, the number of international scholarships covering full demonstrated needs is limited (1-2 scholarship places).

So, what is the process ahead of you?

  1.  Fill out the Application. Take your time to introduce yourself in a representative way, include the achievements you are proud of, and read your application again before submitting.

  2. Personality Questionnaire. In a couple of days, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions. You will fill out a personality questionnaire, which we will revisit during an interview.

  3. Pre-screening for scholarship eligibility. You will fill out a form which will be taken into consideration when offering scholarships to our prospective students.

  4. You will be invited for a test of academic readiness. This test is to make sure you are ready to leap from your previous educational institution to LEAF Academy.

  5. You will be invited for an interview with someone from our admissions team.

  6. You will receive results from the process, and in case of being offered a place at LEAF Academy, we will discuss the options for your scholarship.

  7.  Congratulations, start getting ready for your next school year at LEAF Academy!

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